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rice flour dosa
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Instant rice flour dosa, Instant dosa recipe, Rice flour dosa

Rice flour dosa/ Instant dosa is a yummy and quick dosa with little crispy exterior and soft interior takes only 10 minutes to prepare as it involves NO SOAKING, NO GRINDING AND NO FERMENTING. This instant rice flour dosa tastes great with any chutney or sambar and looks very similar […]

rice flour idli
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Rice flour idli recipe, Instant idli recipe

Rice flour idli is an instant idli recipe which requires no soaking, grinding or fermentation of batter and can be prepared on days when you get bored of regular idli or when you want to try something new or most importantly this recipe works great for beginners who wish to […]

akki rotti
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Akki rotti recipe, Rice flour roti, Instant roti

Akki rotti is an instant, quick and easy to make breakfast hailing from the state of Karnataka. Akki rotti is prepared with rice flour and few other ingredients to add flavors and taste to the dish. I learnt this recipe from my aunt in  bangalore, who also taught me lot […]

Sugar adhirasam
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Sugar adhirasam, Sugar Ariselu recipe, Adhirasam with sugar

Sugar adhirasam/ Ariselu is a delicious fried indian sweet usually prepared during festivals like diwali. Adhirasam is often considered as complex sweet, as it gets little tricky while making ball consistency sugar syrup, and this plays key role in making this sweet. Sugar adhirasam ingredients and making is same as […]

Oats dosa
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Instant Oats dosa recipe, How to make oats dosa

Oats dosa is an instant, easy and healthy recipe where batter is prepared with powdered oats, maida, rice flour and rava. This recipe yields soft dosa and can be prepared on a busy morning or when you are out of regular dosa batter. Oats dosa tastes best with chutney and […]

idiyappam recipe,string hopper recipe,easy breakfast recipe,south indian breakfast recipe,south indian dinner recipe,idiyappam kurma,idiyappam recipe video,idiyappam press
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Idiyappam recipe, String hopper, How to make Idiyappam

Idiyappam or string hopper is made by pressing rice flour dough in presser like noodles and then steamed. It is a popular food in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This is a very easy recipe and usually make this at home from scratch and do not buy instant ones from store […]

vella seedai,sweet seedai,seedai recipes,diwali savouries,krishna jayanthi,gokulashtami savouries,festival savouries,south indian savouries
Gokulashtami recipes, Recipes, South Indian recipes

Vella seedai, Sweet seedai recipe, How to make vella seedai, Gokulashtami recipes

Vella seedai is a fried sweet recipe prepared by shaping small portion of dough into ball and then dropping it in hot oil. The key ingredients in this recipe is rice flour and jaggery which creates crunchy munchy seedai. This seedai is prepared during south indian festivals like gokulastami and […]

upppu seedai,salt seedai recipe,uppu cheedai,salt seedai,savouries recipes,diwali savouries,krishna jayanthi recipes,gokulashtami savouries,festival savouries,south indian savouries
Gokulashtami recipes, Recipes, South Indian recipes

Uppu seedai, Salt seedai recipe, How to make uppu seedai, Gokulashtami recipes

Uppu seedai is a crunchy munchy fried recipe prepared with rice flour. Seedai is popularly prepared during Gokulashtami and it can be made in with jaggery as well and is called vella seedai. Both these recipes are very delicious and need to be prepared with proper measurements and directions which […]