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paruppu sevai
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Paruppu sevai recipe, Paruppu Idiyappam

Paruppu sevai/ Paruppu Idiyappam is an easy to make savory dish prepared with lentils/ dal and Indian rice noodles called as Idiyappam/ sevai. I prepared this dish with Instant idiyappam but when you prepare it with freshly made string hopper/ Idiyappam using rice flour it will be more yummy. For […]

ragi semiya, semiya
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Ragi semiya, Indian breakfast menu #3

Ragi semiya upma and Ragi sweet semiya is one such yummy and easy to make breakfast that is not only tasty but also very healthy as it consists of or is made of finger millet / ragi as the name goes. It takes just 20 – 25 minutes to cook […]

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Vegetable masala sevai, Masala idiyappam, Veggie sevai

Vegetable masala sevai/ Vegatable masala idiyappam is a colorful, flavorful and quick to make recipe loaded with veggies and taste. Masala sevai is one such instant recipe that can be easily prepared at home by tossing cooked ready made/ packet sevai to sauteed masala veggies and serve it, because this […]

tomato sevai
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Tomato sevai recipe, How to make thakkali sevai

Tomato sevai/ Thakkali sevai is a spicy and little tangy recipe where tomato and sevai/ rice vermicelli/ rice noodles act as key ingredients. Tomato sevai is a very easy and quick to make breakfast which can be prepared in just 15 minutes if you have instant sevai / rice vermicelli […]

Egg masala sevai
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Egg masala sevai recipe, Sevai recipes

Egg masala sevai is a spicy, tasty and yummy one pot breakfast which requires no side dish. Egg masala sevai is prepared by tossing cooked plain sevai in onion tomato egg mixture. This is such an easy and simple recipe which can be made on a busy morning as it […]

lemon sevai, lemon idiyappam,lemon string hopper,lemon sevai with semiya,lemon sevai vermicelli,idiyappam lemon sevai,lemon sevai in tamil,lemon semiya,coconut sevai
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Lemon sevai, Lemon idiyappam recipe, How to make lemon sevai

Lemon sevai is a tangy and spicy recipe prepared by tossing cooked idiyappam / string hopper in lemon mixture. This recipe is my favorite breakfast recipe as it is similar to the lemon rice preparation and can be prepared in 10 minutes. This recipe can be prepared with ready made […]

idiyappam recipe,string hopper recipe,easy breakfast recipe,south indian breakfast recipe,south indian dinner recipe,idiyappam kurma,idiyappam recipe video,idiyappam press
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Idiyappam recipe, String hopper, How to make Idiyappam

Idiyappam or string hopper is made by pressing rice flour dough in presser like noodles and then steamed. It is a popular food in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This is a very easy recipe and usually make this at home from scratch and do not buy instant ones from store […]