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garlic bread
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Instant cheesy garlic bread, Cheese garlic bread

Instant Cheesy garlic bread/ Cheese Garlic bread are super easy and super delicious recipe with flavors of garlic that takes just 10 minutes to prepare. Yes that’s true we don’t have to knead a dough, nor wait for hours, still get perfect garlic bread loaded with all the flavors and […]

ice cream bread
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Ice cream bread recipe, Ice cream cake recipe, Ice cream bread with 2 ingredients

So what is this? A cake or ice cream or bread? Will it be cold? How will it taste? Well its all three in one! Ice cream bread/ Ice cream cake is a super soft and spongy bread/cake that is made with just 2 ingredients and the key ingredient will […]

bread vegetable masala sandwich
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Bread vegetable masala sandwich recipe, Bread masala toast

Bread vegetable masala sandwich is a yummy and healthy sandwich loaded with veggies and taste. This sandwich is prepared by making an easy and hassle free spicy filling with onion, tomato, carrot and beans with basic masala powder to add to its taste. I make this sandwich for breakfast when […]

bread upma
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Bread upma recipe, Quick bread upma

Bread upma is an extremely easy, yummy and quick to make breakfast made with basic ingredients that is always available in pantry. This crunchy and spicy bread upma is ideal for breakfast or even as quick snack as it takes very less time to prepare and will be adored by […]

Aloo bread upma
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Aloo bread upma recipe, Bread upma (with video)

Aloo bread upma is a simple and easy breakfast recipe prepared by tossing chopped bread cubes in onion potato mixture. This is a very quick and yummy recipe, which can be prepared on a busy morning as this does not require any side accompany. I have always enjoyed eating this […]

Bread gulab jamun
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Bread gulab jamun, Easy gulab jamun recipe

Bread gulab jamun is an easy and instant fried sweet recipe where balls made out of bread dough are fried in oil and then soaked in sugar syrup. I prepared this recipe for the very first time last year when we received our own house key as i wished to […]

pita bread
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Pita bread recipe

Pita bread popularly known as Arabic bread is something I love baking at home just to see how beautifully they puff and also for the aroma that lingers in the home . I always bake my own bread and I can bet u its worth the time spent. For this […]