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angannan chicken biryani
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Coimbatore angannan chicken biryani, Angannan biryani

Angannan chicken biryani/ Anganna biryani is a delicious and aromatic biryani popularly served in Coimbatore a city in Tamil Nadu. This biryani is unique in its taste due to the preparation method and ingredients as well. To mention the biryani color too is much different due to the use of […]

tomato pulav
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Tomato Pulao, Tomato peas pulao, Quick tomato pulav

Tomato pulao / Tomato peas pulao is a a very flavorful and aromatic rice recipe that is not only easy to prepare but is also very tasty and different from regular pulao made at home. Adding green peas gives little crunchiness also adds its flavors too and complements the red […]

palak rice
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Palak pulao recipe, Palak pulao with fried bread, Palak rice recipe, Spinach pulao

Palak pulao/Spinach pulao is a green colored delicious and healthy pulao made with simple ingredients in a quick method. Palak pulao as the name goes is prepared by cooking soaked Basmati rice in palak paste which is then garnished and served with fried bread cubes. These fried bread cubes gives […]

broccoli peas pulao
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Broccoli peas pulao recipe, Broccoli rice, How to make Broccoli pulao

Broccoli peas pulao/ Broccoli rice is a very interesting rice recipe with different combo of veggies prepared in a easy method with all those basic ingredients that a pulao demands. Broccoli pulao is a delicious rice with crunchiness from broccoli and green peas with flavors of mint and whole spices […]

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Vegetable brinji rice recipe, Brinji rice, Veg brinji recipe

Vegetable brinji rice/ Brinji rice is a very aromatic and flavorful variety rice loaded with veggies is prepared by cooking rice in coconut mixture and milk. The traditional recipe is prepared with coconut milk but I find this method yields in more taste and also can help any beginner to […]

orange pilaf
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Orange pulao recipe, Orange pulav, Orange Pilaf recipe

Orange Pulao might sound unique, was it named due to the pulao color? Not at all! Orange pulao/ Orange pulav is a very flavorful and delicious pulao prepared by cooking seasoned rice in FRESH ORANGE JUICE! Yes it is! Orange pulao might sound gross for a second but you will […]

kovil puliyodharai
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Kovil Puliyodharai recipe, Puliyodarai, Pulihora recipe

Puliyodharai/ Pulihora with a mild tanginess and spiciness with crunchiness from dal and peanut serves as prasad in many South Indian temples and is also made during some festivals in my family apart from regular cooking days. Puliyodhari is very easy to make and even more easier now as we […]

star chicken biryani
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Ambur chicken biryani recipe, Star chicken biryani

Ambur chicken biryani is one such delicious and lip smacking biryani that has its own distinct flavors and cooking method where taste is overloaded due to slight variation in the ingredient list which makes it stand out among other biryani. Ambur biryani came to my notice only after I got […]

green egg biryani
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Green egg biryani recipe, Egg dum biryani, Seeraga samba egg biryani

Green egg biryani is spicy, flavorful and very aromatic biryani prepared using traditional seeraga samba rice which is very famous in Tamil Nadu for preparing biryani. The biryani prepared with this small rice variety is very tasty as the rice its has its own flavors and taste. Green egg biryani […]

tomato rice
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Tomato rice recipe, Thakkali sadam (with video)

Tomato rice/ Thakkali sadam is a very flavorful and yummy rice prepared by tossing cooked rice in thick and spicy onion tomato gravy. This simple and easy rice recipe requires few basic ingredients from the pantry and can be prepared in no time either with freshly cooked rice or even […]