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star chicken biryani
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Ambur chicken biryani recipe, Star chicken biryani

Ambur chicken biryani is one such delicious and lip smacking biryani that has its own distinct flavors and cooking method where taste is overloaded due to slight variation in the ingredient list which makes it stand out among other biryani. Ambur biryani came to my notice only after I got […]

green egg biryani
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Green egg biryani recipe, Egg dum biryani, Seeraga samba egg biryani

Green egg biryani is spicy, flavorful and very aromatic biryani prepared using traditional seeraga samba rice which is very famous in Tamil Nadu for preparing biryani. The biryani prepared with this small rice variety is very tasty as the rice its has its own flavors and taste. Green egg biryani […]

tomato rice
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Tomato rice recipe, Thakkali sadam (with video)

Tomato rice/ Thakkali sadam is a very flavorful and yummy rice prepared by tossing cooked rice in thick and spicy onion tomato gravy. This simple and easy rice recipe requires few basic ingredients from the pantry and can be prepared in no time either with freshly cooked rice or even […]

mushroom dum biryani
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Mushroom dum biryani recipe (With Video)

Mushroom dum biryani is a one pot dish with loaded flavors and taste unlike regular mushroom biryani as it prepared by layering rice over cooked mushroom mixture and cooked in dum style which is the basic reason behind its taste. Though the ingredients list and written procedure looks bit long […]

tomato bath
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Tomato bath recipe, How to make tomato bath

Tomato bath is a yummy, spicy and delicious rice recipe hailing from the state of Karnataka. Tomato bath is prepared by cooking rice in tangy and spicy tomato coconut based gravy making it more appetizing to eat. Flavors of mint and whole spices adds to the taste of this dish. […]

vegetable biryani
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Quick vegetable biryani recipe, Veg biryani (With video)

Quick vegetable biryani is a really quick and yummy tasting biryani where rice and veggies are cooked both in milk and water making the rice more flavorful and appetizing. This vegetable biryani does not require the usage of mint and cilantro which makes it different in taste and preparation from […]

bhindi rice
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Bhindi rice recipe, Okra rice, Vendakkai Sadam

Bhindi rice/ Okra rice/ Vendakkai rice is a quick and easy to make rice that can be prepared either with fresh or left over rice as it involves just tossing of rice in spicy tempered okra mixture. Bhindi rice is yummy tasting masala flavored rice with crunchiness from dal is […]

Methi pulao
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Methi pulao recipe, Methi pulav (with video)

Methi pulao/ Methi pulav is one such wholesome and healthy recipe packed with flavors and taste that can be easily made in very less time with just few ingredients. This pulao can be accompanied with any spicy curry as gravy as this recipe uses just green chilli for spiciness but […]

Sprouted moong pulao
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Sprouted moong pulao recipe, Green moong pulao

Sprouted moong pulao is a yummy and flavorful pulao packed with health and taste is one such easy recipe that can be prepared quickly in no time if you have sprouted moong ready at home. Sprouted moong pulao demands very few ingredients in its making just as any other regular […]

Prawn biryani
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Prawn biryani, Pressure cooker Prawn biryani recipe

Pressure cooker prawn biryani is a very aromatic, flavorful and mouthwatering one pot dish prepared with few basic ingredients in a very simple and easy method. This biryani involves grinding of a paste using mint, cilantro and green chilli to enhance the taste of this biryani. As it is thanksgiving […]