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Bendakaya vepudu
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Bendakaya vepudu recipe, Okra fry recipe, Fry recipes

Bendakaya vepudu/ Okra fry is a common dish made in Andhra Pradesh to accompany rice. Bendakaya vepudu / okra fry is a spicy dish with crunchiness from dal and peanuts is cooked in oil without adding water. I learnt this recipe from my vadina (sister – in – law) who […]

Beetroot poriyal
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Beetroot poriyal recipe, How to make Beetroot poriyal

Beetroot poriyal is a simple, spicy and yummy recipe made with only 5 ingredients. It is prepared by cooking beetroot and peas in slow flame without adding any water, which makes this poriyal/ stir fry more tastier than others. Though i am not a big fan of beetroot this is […]

Egg Pepper fry
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Egg Pepper fry recipe, Egg Pepper masala recipe

Egg pepper fry is a super spicy and masala flavored dish made by tossing boiled egg in spicy onion mixture. This fry recipe requires grinding of fresh powder which is the key behind its taste. Egg pepper fry has only very few ingredients in its making, hence is very simple […]

Karunai kizhangu roast,Karunai kizhangu masala fry,senai kilangu chops,Elephant yam roast,karunai kizhangu masiyal,karunai kilangu poriyal,karunai kizhangu poriyal in tamil
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Karunai kizhangu roast, Elephant yam roast recipe, How to make karunai kizhangu roast

Karunai kizhangu/ Yam roast is a spicy and tangy recipe as it is prepared by marinating karunai kizhangu/ yam in tomato paste and then roasted in oil without adding water. This recipe is easy to prepare with handful ingredients and at the same time is very different from the regular […]

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Vazhakkai podimas recipe, Plantain stir fry, How to make Vazhakkai podimas

This is a quick stir fry rich in color and flavor. This recipe is prepared by boiling plantain in water and then sauted in onion hence it is more appetizing as compared to the regular versions in which plantain will be cooked. So lets get to the making!  

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Bhindi fry, Okra fry recipe, How to make vendakkai fry

This bhindi fry recipe is simple to make and  can be used as side accompany with sambar and rice or can be mixed in hot rice. This recipe is more tastier than the regular one as the bhindi will be cooked in oil without adding water. I have used onions […]

Egg fry, Egg vepudu, fry, egg, vepudu,egg masala,masala egg,egg curry,egg curry dry,egg onion fry,muttai fry,anda fry
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Egg fry, Egg vepudu recipe, How to make muttai fry

This spicy egg fry is a real treat for all onion and egg lovers. So I made this recipe since the boiled eggs served along with breakfast dint go well as planned and i decided to make egg fry with them and it was a huge hit. So u  can […]

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Pavakkai fry, Bitter gourd fry recipe

Since bitter gourd is rich in vitamins and iron i make sure to add it to our diet somehow and the last resort was to make chips out of it as my husband dislikes it. Bitter gourd fry a crispy vegetable chips which will make anyone to taste even its […]

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Tindora fry, Kovakkai poriyal, Thondakai vepudu recipe

Tindora fry is simple and delicious recipe prepared with few basic ingredients is always a big hit in my recipe list. I was not a big fan of tindora/ kovakkai/thondakai until I tasted this recipe. It tastes so delicious since the tindora will be be cooked only in the oil […]

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Kappa fry recipe, How to make kappa fry

It was during my school days my dad bought this delicious kappa fry sold in some shop when we newly shifted to abudhabi. I finish the whole box , It was that yummy I can say I dint bother to share it with anyone. Since then my mom started preparing […]