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Rajma sundal recipe, Rajma guggillu

Rajma sundal is a very healthy and easy recipe where soaked and cooked rajma is tempered. It is prepared during festivals or for pooja at home. This can be prepared with lot of variations and with variety of legumes. For this recipe I used ground coconut and green chili mixture […]

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Wheat flour halwa, Atta halwa, Godhumai halwa recipe

Wheat flour halwa is a sweet recipe made with wheat flour as the name suggests and can be prepared in 10 minutes. This recipe has only 4 ingredients in its making and is the most easiest and quickest halwa that I love to make for my family and the credit […]

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Bread medhu vada, Instant medhu vada recipe, How to make bread vada

Bread medhu vada is an instant recipe and requires no grinding and pre preparation. This vada is prepared with bread and  has crispy outer and tastes similar to regular medhu vada. This can be prepared when you want an immediate snack or make use of bread at home. This recipe […]

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Bombay Karachi halwa, Corn flour halwa, Instant halwa recipe, How to make halwa

This is an instant and easy halwa recipe and known for its glossy look. They feel like jelly with crunchiness from cashews with yummy taste. This halwa is prepared in microwave oven and takes only 20 minutes to make. Its yummy tasting and once you make these at home there […]

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Cabbage payasam, Muttaikose payasam, Cabbage kheer recipe

Cabbage payasam/kheer is a yummy recipe where cabbage is cooked in milk. This is such an easy and healthy recipe and got to know about it from my mom. My mom often makes this payasam on special occasions over the regular payasam. You can make this with two consistency thick […]

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Coconut poli, Thengai poli, Sweet Bobbatlu, How to make thengai poli

Coconut poli/ bobbatlu is a sweet recipe with coconut stuffing prepared usually during festivals in India. I like the poli /bobbatlu when they are really soft so for this recipe i added few drops of oil  to soak the dough for extra softness and  flattened the poli /bobbatlu with fingers […]

Chicken biryani
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Chicken biryani recipe, Easy chicken biryani, Indian chicken biryani recipes

Chicken biryani is my all time favorite recipe after chicken dum biryani as it does not include tomatoes in its making. This is also the second version of chicken biryani I learned to cook when i was a beginner.  I don’t make this style biryani often at home but if […]

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Tandoori chicken drumstick recipe, Spiced oven baked chicken, How to make tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken drumstick is a hassle free recipe which involves baking of chicken in the oven and is the most tastier way to prepare chicken drumstick according to me as its flavors are distinct from the regular cooking. I usually like to prepare it as side accompany while making biryani […]

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Poha ladoo recipe, Aval ladoo, Atukula laddu

Poha ladoo/ Aval ladoo/ Atukula laddu is made out of flattened rice which is popular both in South and North India. The most delicious and easy sweet recipe that I prepared with poha is this  ladoo and this was my Friday prashadam for god.  I have been preparing a lot […]

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Spinach pakora, pakoda recipe, How to make palak pakora(spinach fritters)

Spinach pakoras are healthy and delicious crunchy snacks served with tea or coffee for evening snacks in india. I usually make onion pakoras because my husband is a huge fan of it but yesterday I wanted to try making this recipe for no reason. These pakoras don’t need special evening […]