abc juice recipe
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ABC juice recipe, ABC drink

ABC JUICE a super popular, healthy and delicious detox or immunity booster drink prepared easily with apples, beetroot and carrots (abc). This drink has surely gained its popularity during this pandemic which should have been consumed/ gained popularity even before it due to it’s the immense health benefits it causes […]

Indian style cappuccino
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Cappuccino recipe, Indian style cappuccino

Cappuccino/ Indian style cappuccino  is a very popular coffee drink consisting of three basic parts – coffee, milk and milk foam. This frothy drink originating in Italy is a staple one in all the coffee shops and making one at home might sound little difficult until you have the right […]

pineapple lassi recipe, lassi
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Pineapple lassi, Easy summer drinks

Pineapple lassi as the name sounds new and interesting this variety lassi/ yogurt based drink that tastes super yummy with mixture of tastes like sweetness and sourness. Summer is approaching and we need to be refreshed and energized with lot of beverages, anything healthy that is freshly made and contains […]

honeydew melon juice, melon juice
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Honeydew melon juice, Easy summer drink

Honeydew melon also called as honeymelon is a juicy and summery fruit with pale green color flesh that is loaded with lot health benefits. It aids in digestion, is a good source of vitamin C, potassium, Vitamin B and also helps in weight loss. Honeydew melon juice is super easy […]

jal jeera recipe, jaljira, jal jeera
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Jal jeera recipe, Jaljira, Indian flavored lemonade

Hope everyone had a colorful, bright and safe diwali! So after feeding on a lot of snacks and sweets which is a main part of any Indian festival its time to get hold of beverage/ drink to aid in digestion. True right! So here’s one such Indian beverage that we […]

coffee milkshake recipe, cold coffee recipe
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Cold coffee recipe, Coffee milkshake

Cold coffee/ Coffee milkshake is an excellent summer treat for coffee lovers as it can be prepared in jiffy with just few basic everyday ingredients available in the kitchen. Yes this simple and quick to make cold coffee is a much needed cold beverage anytime you when the temperature soars […]

chocolate milkshake
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Chocolate milkshake, Chocolate milkshake with homemade chocolate syrup

Chocolate milkshake is a rich, creamy and yummy cold beverage that is super easy to make at home involving just 4 ingredients with just 2 minute preparation and then slurp. Chocolate milk shake is made in different ways by everyone according to their taste and below is the recipe that […]