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jackfruit aviyal recipe
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Chakka aviyal recipe, Jackfruit aviyal

Chakka aviyal/ Jackfruit aviyal is a simple, quick and delicious coconut based dish popular in Kerala. Unlike the regular aviyal this recipe includes no curd/ yogurt or mixed veggies but tastes truly delicious and is often served alongside rice, sambar and fish curry. Jackfruit season is back and as much […]

parippu curry
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Parippu curry recipe, Cherupayar parippu curry

Parippu curry/ Cherupayar parippu curry is a simple and quick to make comforting dal recipe prepared by adding mashed moong dal/ cherupayar along with coconut mixture to the tempering and cooked to perfection. This flavorful and delicious parippu curry always holds a place in “Onam Sadhya”as well apart from regular […]

chena mezhukkupuratti
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Chena mezhukkupuratti recipe, Yam mezhukkupuratti

Yam mezhukkupuratti/ Chena mezhukkupurati is a very easy and quick to make Kerala style stir fry prepared by roasting yam/ chena along with some masala, onions and chili in coconut oil. This stir fry dish is a common side dish during lunch and it also holds a place in “Onam […]

palada payasam
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Palada payasam with homemade ada, Ada payasam

Palada pradhaman/ Palada payasam with homemade ada is a delicious sweet prepared by adding ada (rice flakes) to boiling milk which is flavored with cardamom and garnished with ghee fried cashews. This sweet delicacy is a traditional Kerala pudding usually served in “Onam sadhya”(an elaborate platter of dishes consisting of […]

mambazha pulissery
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Mambazha pulissery recipe, Pulissery

Mambazha pulissery/ Mango pulissery is a sweet and sour side dish prepared with mango, curd and coconut in just 15 to 20 minutes. Super simple right? However simple it is to make this dish is unbelievably delicious and you wouldn’t regret trying it out. This pulissery is a traditional Kerala […]

vendakka thoran
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Vendakka thoran, Kerala style ladies finger stir fry

Vendakka thoran/ Kerala style Ladies finger stir fry is a simple and easy to make coconut based side dish served usually for lunch and always have special place in Onam sadya. Now you might have guessed why this recipe is here. Yes Onam is almost there and I thought to […]

beetroot thoran recipe
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Beetroot thoran recipe, Beetroot stir fry

Beetroot thoran/ Beetroot stir fry is a delish and flavorful stir fry/ poriyal where tempered beetroot mixture is mixed with coconut shallot mixture and cooked to perfection using coconut oil. This dry side dish tastes great when served along with sambar and rice during lunch. This dish also is one of […]

vendakkai thayir pachadi
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Vendakkai thayir pachadi recipe, Bhindi raita

Vendakkai thayir pachadi/ Ladies finger curd pachadi/ Okra raita is an easy and quick to make side dish/ raita/ dip prepared by adding crispy okra to curd mixture. This typical South Indian raita goes very well with any variety rice/ lunch/ specially with sambar. My mom makes this pachadi/ raita at […]

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Aviyal recipe, Kerala Style Aviyal, How to make Avial

Aviyal/ avial is a delicious south Indian gravy loaded with veggies is usually served with adai, savory pancake made with lentils and also is an important dish in Onam Sadya. Aviyal is prepared by cooking mixed vegetables in coconut mixture and curd making it a very flavorful dish. Aviyal cooked […]