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eggless whole wheat pancake recipe
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Eggless whole wheat pancake recipe, Apple pancakes

Eggless whole wheat apple pancake / Apple pancakes is a super healthy, fluffy and delicious breakfast prepared with pantry friendly ingredients. This whole wheat pancake can be made instantly and all that 1 or 2 apples lying in the fruit basket can all be utilized to make this apple pancakes. […]

kambu idli recipe
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Kambu idli recipe, Pearl millet idli, Bajra idli

Kambu/ Pearl millet is a ancient miracle gluten free grain rich in iron, protein and other minerals. Bajra has anti diabetes properties, lowers cholesterol, prevents gallstones, aids in weight loss, prevent heart problems and breast cancer as well. Including this miracle grain in our diet can yield so many  benefits […]

cholam idli recipe
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Cholam idli recipe, Sorghum Idli, Millet Recipes

Cholam/ Sorghum/ Jowar is a millet (small grain) which is used in making variety of yummy main dishes and adding this millet to our diet yields lot of health benefits. Today I am sharing with you guys this recipe of soft, spongy and delicious cholam idli which can be prepared […]

vegetable idli upma recipe
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Vegetable idli upma recipe, Idli upma

Vegetable idli upma is a quick and easy to make delicious breakfast that is enhanced and loaded with few veggies to add to its taste and to give it a healthy twist. This upma can be served as mini tiffin/ snack as well. I used veggies like carrot and capsicum […]

Idli, Fish kuzhambu
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Idli, Fish kuzhambu, Indian breakfast menu #8

So in todays breakfast menu we have simple yet very very delicious recipe as seen in the title idli and fish kuzhambu. I don’t know how many like this combo but it is one of the best combos that I have heard from my friends and husband. Soft malligai idli […]

idli sambar, vada
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Idli vada sambar, Indian breakfast menu #7

Idli vada sambar is a delicious breakfast platter that is usually prepared during special days or festivals or during weekends. I prepared this platter this week and I thought why not post it in the blog. This platter can be made made more delicious with chutney and a super hot […]

Idli, chutney, sambar
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Idli, chutney, sambar, Indian breakfast menu #6

So here is another breakfast idea that is most popular and very common in most of the South Indian houses. Yes idli with chutney and sambar is heavenly combo that is tummy filling and tasty to eat as well. This simple breakfast is one such easy to make recipe if […]

set dosa and vada curry, indian breakfast menu
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Set dosa and vada curry, Indian breakfast menu #5

Set dosa and vada curry is one such yummy and best combo popularly served as breakfast in chennai. Set dosa as the name goes comes in sets of 2 or 3 or sometime even 4 depending on the restaurant and the vada curry is a thick coconut based gravy made […]

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Aloo paratha, Masala chai, Indian breakfast menu #4

From the title its easy to know what the breakfast menu shall be in today’s post. Its one such all time favorite and easy to make breakfast that can be eaten all round the year but my favorite time is in the winter, yes paratha with masala chai perfect combo […]

ragi semiya, semiya
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Ragi semiya, Indian breakfast menu #3

Ragi semiya upma and Ragi sweet semiya is one such yummy and easy to make breakfast that is not only tasty but also very healthy as it consists of or is made of finger millet / ragi as the name goes. It takes just 20 – 25 minutes to cook […]