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Oats ladoo
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Oats ladoo recipe, Instant Oats Laddu, Ladoo recipes

Oats ladoo is a healthy and delicious ladoo prepared with roasted oats, nuts and jaggery. Oats ladoo packed with nutrition is very easy to make and involves only handful ingredients in its making. This ladoo can be made for festivals like diwali and can be easily prepared even by beginners. […]

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Besan ladoo recipe, Besan laddu, How to make besan ladoo, Sweet recipes

Besan ladoo is an aromatic sweet recipe prepared by roasting besan in ghee and then molding them into ladoo. This recipe is easy to make but at the same time requires little patience while roasting besan which is the key step to tasty ladoo. This ladoo can be prepared during […]

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Bombay Karachi halwa, Corn flour halwa, Instant halwa recipe, How to make halwa

This is an instant and easy halwa recipe and known for its glossy look. They feel like jelly with crunchiness from cashews with yummy taste. This halwa is prepared in microwave oven and takes only 20 minutes to make. Its yummy tasting and once you make these at home there […]