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chinese bhel
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Chinese bhel recipe, How to make Chinese bhel

Chinese bhel is a super crunchy, spicy and little tangy recipe that serves to be a popular street food snack in Mumbai. This super easy and quick to make chinese bhel is prepared with fried noodles, onion, cabbage, carrots and few other ingredients to contribute to its taste. Though the […]

batata vada
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Aloo bonda recipe, Batata vada, Potato bonda recipe (Urulaikizhangu bonda)

Aloo bonda/ Batata vada is a stuffed fried snack prepared by dipping potato mixture in besan batter, which is then deep fried and served along with chutney. This aloo bonda/ batata vada has a crisp exterior and soft interior making it a relishable one. This simple and easy to make […]

pizza dosa
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Dosa pizza recipe, Street food style dosa pizza, Pizza dosa recipe

Dosa pizza/ Pizza dosa is a very yummy and delish recipe that is super easy and quick to prepare with those everyday ingredients. Dosa pizza can be made on any day when you get bored of regular dosa chutney or sambar combo. This dosa pizza recipe is prepared in street […]

tawa pulao
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Tawa pulao recipe, How to make tawa pulao

Tawa pulao is a rice dish prepared by tossing cooked rice in spicy veggie mixture. This yummy tasting spicy pulao loaded with veggies and flavors can be prepared with fresh or leftover rice. I must thank my friend as I got to know about this tawa pulao from my her […]