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sweet ragi semiya recipe, sweet ragi vermicelli, sweet semiya
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Sweet ragi semiya recipe, Finger millet semiya recipe

Sweet ragi vermicelli/ Finger millet semiya is a delicious and healthy recipe that can be prepared in jiffy. Finger millet semiya is one such ingredient that needs to added in our diet as it contains so much of health benefits. This simple and quick to make recipe involves only handful […]

kesari bath, karnataka style kesari bhath
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Kesari bath recipe, Karnataka style kesari bhath

Kesari bath is a very delicious Indian sweet prepared in Karnataka style using sooji, sugar and water. This kesari bath is very similar to sheera/ kesari prepared but is different in color and texture. Yes kesari bhath is little flowy in texture and is usually prepared in yellow color. This […]

mango kesari
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Mango kesari, Mango sheera, How to make mango kesari

Mango kesari/ Mango sheera is a quick and delicious sweet recipe prepared with sooji and mango puree as key ingredients. Adding ghee and cardamom powder adds to its taste. Mango sheera recipe was given to me by my mom long long ago so long that i was again reminded by […]

Sabudana khichdi
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Sabudana khichdi recipe, Sago khichdi

Sabudana khichdi / Sago khichdi is a yummy to eat dish and easy to prepare breakfast which can be prepared in no time as it involves only handful ingredients. Sabudana khichdi is a spicy and crunchy recipe made with potatoes and sabudana/ sago acting as key ingredients. Adding lemon juice […]

Sago upma
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Sago upma recipe, Javvarisi upma, Sabudana upma

Sago upma/ Javvarisi upma is a very easy recipe that can be prepared quickly for breakfast due to its simple making and ingredients. Sago upma is prepared by adding soaked sago in tempered onion mixture and cooked to perfection. Adding lemon juice enhances the taste of this dish even more. […]

Pineapple sheera
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Pineapple sheera recipe, Pineapple kesari recipe

Pineapple sheera is a delicious sweet recipe made with sooji/ rava and pineapple. This Sheera/ kesari is much tastier than any other sheera/ kesari as the chopped pineapple is cooked in ghee and we can taste chunks of pineapple in every bite which is a real bliss for pineapple lovers. […]

sweet corn sundal
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Sweet corn sundal, Sundal recipes

Sweet corn sundal is a easy, healthy and yummy recipe prepared with basic ingredients. I came to know about this sundal from my mom, since then I have been making it at home during navratri. This sundal can be served as evening snacks as well, if you are looking for […]

Carrot kesari
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Carrot kesari recipe, Carrot sheera

Carrot kesari is a delicious sweet recipe prepared by combining carrot puree, sooji and sugar. This is a healthy kesari and will be loved by both kids and adults. I bought lot of baby carrots from farmers market last week and wished to do a recipe unlike regular ones. So […]

kollu sundal
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Kollu sundal, Horse gram sundal, Navratri sundal recipes

Kollu also known as horse gram / ulavalu comes with lot of health benefits and I always make sure that I have it in our diet. Kollu sundal is a spicy sundal often prepared during navaratri is made by tossing cooked kollu in coconut and freshly ground masala. Kollu sundal […]

Peanut sundal
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Peanut sundal, Verkadalai Sundal, Navaratri recipes

Peanut sundal is the first variety of sundal that comes in mind for evening snacks and special occasion. Peanut sundal is very easy to make, healthy and at the very same time delicious too. I have been waiting over a week to get hold of these fresh peanuts to make […]