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Uppu seedai, Salt seedai recipe, How to make uppu seedai, Gokulashtami recipes


 Uppu seedai is a crunchy munchy fried recipe prepared with rice flour. Seedai is popularly prepared during Gokulashtami and it can be made in with jaggery as well and is called vella seedai. Both these recipes are very delicious and need to be prepared with proper measurements and directions which […]

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Aval kesari recipe, Poha kesari, How to make aval kesari, Gokulashtami recipes


 Aval kesari is simple sweet recipe prepared by grinding aval/poha into fine rava. This kesari is usually prepared during festivals commonly for krishna jayanthi and I am a big fan of aval ladoo and aval kesari and prefer this over rava kesari. So lets get to the making! [sam id=”1″ […]

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Soya chunks biryani recipe, Meal maker biryani, How to make soya chunks biryani


 Soya chunk is a vegetable protein commonly used in vegetarian dishes to replace meat. It is called in different names like soya chunk, soya meat, soya nugget and meal maker. Soya chunk biryani is one such aromatic and flavorful recipe which my mom used to cook for us and I […]

soya chunks preparation,soya chunks cooking with step by step images,soya briyani,how to cook soya chunk
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Soya chunks, How to cook soya chunks


 Soya chunks are vegetable protein often used by vegetarians to replace meat in cooking and a variety of dishes can be prepared with it. Soya chunks are known in different names like soya meat, meal maker, soya protein and soya nugget. I thought of posting this as few of my […]

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Aval dosa, Sponge dosa recipe, How to make poha dosa


 This is my handy recipe for those days when I don’t have dosa batter at home but still wish to eat dosa similar to the regular kal dosa. This is one of my favorite dosa and i love it for its soft and spongy texture. I usually make this dosa […]

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Brinjal rice, Kathirikai sadam, How to make brinjal rice recipe


 Brinjal rice is an excellent spicy, tangy and masala flavored rice. It is easy to make and is one of my favorite brinjal recipes. I prepared this brinjal rice  with my homegrown brinjal that we harvested today and i wanted to cook this recipe with it. This recipe requires grinding […]

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Chilli parotta, How to make chilli parotta recipe


 Chili parotta is an spicy and mouthwatering dish prepared with fresh or leftover parotta. It is spicy, crunchy and easy recipe with simple ingredients in its making. This recipe is much easier and simpler when compared to kothu parotta so it is easy for beginners to try. This recipe was […]

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Khaman dhokla recipe, How to make khaman dhokla, Instant khaman dhokla


 Khaman dhokla is a delicious gujarati recipe prepared with besan flour. It easy to prepare and instant as well. Dhokla can be prepared in lot of varieties and this recipe is my favorite till date and love it for its soft, fluffy and spongy texture. For the below recipe i […]

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Vegetable kurma, Hotel style veg kurma recipe, How to make vegetable kurma


 Vegetable kurma is an aromatic and flavorful gravy packed with health as it is cooked with lot of vegetables. This preparation involves grinding of coconut and cashew nut paste which acts as key substance in bringing out the flavors of the gravy. It can be served with parotta, chapati, idiyappam […]

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Bread halwa, How to make bread halwa, Instant halwa recipes


 Bread halwa is and easy and rich in taste where every spoon will have flavor of ghee fried bread. It is prepared by frying bread in ghee then allowing it to boil in milk and then enhancing its flavors by adding nuts powder. Mouth watering right! So lets get got […]