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Aloo kofta curry
North Indian Side dish, Recipes, Side dish for chapati

Aloo kofta curry recipe, How to make Aloo kofta gravy


 Aloo kofta curry is a delicious Indian dish where fried dumpling made with aloo and paneer are soaked in masala onion tomato curry. Aloo kofta curry has unique taste than any other regular curry and has always remained my family’s favorite recipe. Though there are lot of ingredients in its […]

Broccoli pakoda
Recipes, Snacks, Vadai/ Bonda/ Bajji/ Pakora Recipes

Broccoli pakoda (pakora) recipe, Snacks recipes


 Broccoli pakoda / Pakora is a tasty, crunchy and healthy snack where flour coated broccoli is fried in oil. I like pakoda when they are crunchy so i don’t prefer to dip them in batter and fry, Coating broccoli in flour gives it a brittle and crunchy texture which makes […]

Oats dosa
Breakfast and Dinner Recipes, Dosa/ Uttapam, Instant Recipes, Oats Recipes, Recipes

Instant Oats dosa recipe, How to make oats dosa


 Oats dosa is an instant, easy and healthy recipe where batter is prepared with powdered oats, maida, rice flour and rava. This recipe yields soft dosa and can be prepared on a busy morning or when you are out of regular dosa batter. Oats dosa tastes best with chutney and […]

Potato whole wheat smiley
Recipes, Snacks

Potato whole wheat smiley, Snacks recipes


 Potato whole wheat smiley is an instant and healthy snack where dough is made with potato and wheat flour. These smiley snacks are very easy to prepare and requires no wait time and can be prepared in no time. You can shape the dough in any shape of your choice. […]

Oats chapati
Breakfast and Dinner Recipes, North Indian Side dish, Oats Recipes, Recipes, South Indian Bread

Oats chapati recipe, How to make oats chapati


 Oats chapati is a very easy and healthy chapati prepared by adding ground oats powder to wheat flour to form dough. Oats chapati will have same texture, look,  feel very soft and will taste more yummy than regular chapati and this is again a delicious way to consume oats. Today […]

Gutti vankaya kura
Gravy/ Curry/ Masala, Lunch Recipes, Recipes

Gutti vankaya kura recipe, Andhra style stuffed brinjal


 Gutti vankaya kura is a spicy and little tangy curry prepared with brinjal. Gutti vankaya is prepared by stuffing brinjal with spicy ground masala then cooking the brinjal in low flame. This is a delicious curry and all time favorite one for us. This recipe is simple and easy to […]

Bread gulab jamun
Diwali Sweets & Snacks, Ramadan/ Bakrid Recipes, Recipes

Bread gulab jamun, Easy gulab jamun recipe


 Bread gulab jamun is an easy and instant fried sweet recipe where balls made out of bread dough are fried in oil and then soaked in sugar syrup. I prepared this recipe for the very first time last year when we received our own house key as i wished to […]

Whole wheat carrot chips
Recipes, Snacks

Whole wheat carrot chips recipe


 Whole wheat carrot chips is a crunchy munchy chips where dough is prepared with grated carrot, wheat flour and select spices and they frying them in oil after shaping. This chips is instant, quick and different from the regular chips that we make at home, but it is super delicious […]

Sprouted moong biryani recipe
Biryani Recipes, Dal/Legumes, Lunch Recipes, Recipes, Rice Recipes

Sprouted moong biryani recipe, Moong sprouts biryani


 Sprouted moong are germinated from green gram dal. They are a good source of protein and has lot of other nutritional benefits. Sprouted moong biryani is a spicy and flavorful biryani where rice is cooked in spicy onion, tomato and moong mixture. This biryani is easy to prepare and very […]

Paneer pinwheel
Recipes, Snacks

Paneer pinwheel recipe, How to make Paneer pinwheel


 Paneer pinwheel is a crispy and quick yummy snacks made by frying paneer stuffed pinwheel shaped dough. This recipe and preparation is similar to paneer paratha but takes a little twist in the end. This recipe is easy to make and will be ready in no time. So lets get […]