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Puli aval, Tamarind poha recipe, How to make poha pulihora


 Puli aval is a spicy and tangy recipe prepared by soaking aval in tamarind extract and select spices and then cooking it in low flame. This is again one of my favorite recipe from my grandma‚Äôs cooking. It is easy to prepare as it holds simple ingredients in its making […]

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Filter coffee, South Indian filter coffee, How to make filter coffee


 Filter Coffee is a drink popular in South India made by mixing frothy milk in decoction obtained by brewing coffee powder. Coffee can be prepared with instant coffee powder as well but filter coffee is more tasty and satisfying and boosts up the day. So lets get to the making! […]

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Karunai kizhangu roast, Elephant yam roast recipe, How to make karunai kizhangu roast


 Karunai kizhangu/ Yam roast is a spicy and tangy recipe as it is prepared by marinating karunai kizhangu/ yam in tomato paste and then roasted in oil without adding water. This recipe is easy to prepare with handful ingredients and at the same time is very different from the regular […]

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Lemon sevai, Lemon idiyappam recipe, How to make lemon sevai


 Lemon sevai is a tangy and spicy recipe prepared by tossing cooked idiyappam / string hopper in lemon mixture. This recipe is my favorite breakfast recipe as it is similar to the lemon rice preparation and can be prepared in 10 minutes. This recipe can be prepared with ready made […]

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Besan ladoo recipe, Besan laddu, How to make besan ladoo, Sweet recipes


 Besan ladoo is an aromatic sweet recipe prepared by roasting besan in ghee and then molding them into ladoo. This recipe is easy to make but at the same time requires little patience while roasting besan which is the key step to tasty ladoo. This ladoo can be prepared during […]

veg pulao
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Veg pulao recipe, Mixed vegetable pulav, How to make veg pulao


 Vegetable pulao is a delicious and healthy recipe where rice is cooked with vegetable and spices. Vegetable pulao is very easy to prepare and does not require any side accompany as it tastes best like that. This is again one of my favorite rice recipes and something that I often […]

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Idiyappam recipe, String hopper, How to make Idiyappam


 Idiyappam or string hopper is made by pressing rice flour dough in presser like noodles and then steamed. It is a popular food in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This is a very easy recipe and usually make this at home from scratch and do not buy instant ones from store […]

bread upma
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Bread upma recipe, How to make bread upma


 Bread upma is a very simple and instant upma where bread cubes are tossed in onion tomato mixture. It is a crunchy, little tangy, spicy upma and also the most handy recipe for a lazy or busy morning. So lets get to the making! [sam id=”1″ codes=”true”] [sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]

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Kathirikkai pulikachal recipe, how to make kathirikkai pulikachal


 Kathirikkai pulikachal is a spicy and tangy recipe prepared by sauteing brinjal in spice powder and then cooked in thick tamarind extract. This recipe is my favorite dish as it is age old recipe from my great grand mother. This puli kachal can be used as side accompany for idli […]

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Semiya kesari recipe, How to make semiya kesari


 Semiya kesari is a very simple and hassle free sweet recipe which can be prepared quickly in no time with handful ingredients! Since a lot of festivals are coming up I thought this recipe might be helpful for all those who like quick and simple sweet recipes. So lets get […]