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pasta salad
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Pasta salad recipe, How to make pasta salad


 A very colorful, healthy and easy salad recipe which can be prepared in no time at home from scratch. I have used tricolor pasta for this recipe but you can make it with regular ones as well. You can alter the ingredients according to your choice and serve. So lets […]

Rava cake
Recipes, South Indian recipes

Rava cake, Sooji cake, Semolina cake recipe, How to make rava cake


 Rava cake is an instant and easy cake recipe with only handful ingredients that is available in everyone’s pantry and trust me its preparation will take only 5 minutes subtracting the baking time! The key ingredient in this is rava and curd which makes it delicious. This cake recipe requires […]

oats paniyaram
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Oats paniyaram recipe, How to make oats paniyaram, Oats recipes


 Oats paniyaram is a healthy and easy to make recipe. This paniyaram can be prepared instantly and involves no pre preparation. Though I am not a big fan of oats I keep making oats paniyaram and oats uthappam at home as they are very yummy. I have not used any […]

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Pidi kozhukattai recipe, Kozhukattai, How to make pidi kozhukattai


 Pidi kozhukattai is such an easy and tasty sweet recipe which is usually prepared for Indian festivals. This recipe contains only handful ingredients in its making and can be easily attempted by beginners also. I usually prefer making this pidi kozhukattai over regular ones as this recipe has never failed […]

Mysore bonda
Recipes, Snacks, Vadai/ Bonda/ Bajji/ Pakora Recipes

Mysore bonda, Ulundu bonda, Urad dal bonda recipe, How to make mysore bonda


 This is simple and mouthwatering bonda with crispy outer and soft inner and tastes delicious with chutney and sambar. This recipe is a hassle free one and I often make it at home as my hubby is a great fan of these golden beauties. The best part is their aroma […]

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Coconut poli, Thengai poli, Sweet Bobbatlu, How to make thengai poli


 Coconut poli/ bobbatlu is a sweet recipe with coconut stuffing prepared usually during festivals in India. I like the poli /bobbatlu when they are really soft so for this recipe i added few drops of oil  to soak the dough for extra softness and  flattened the poli /bobbatlu with fingers […]

rava cutlet
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Rava cutlet, Sooji cutlet recipe, How to make rava cutlet


 Rava cutlet with crunchy outer and soft inner is easy and fun to make as it holds only handful ingredients. Rava upma is seldom ate at my home and anything made with rava other than rava dosa and rava idli is usually least grosser for my family. So I chose […]

Vazhakkai Podimas,Plantain (Raw Banana) Stir Fry, vazhakkai varuval, vazhakkai roast,Raw Banana,podimas, vazhakkai fry,plantain podimas,raw banana podimas,stir fry,plantain stir fry,raw banan stir fry,vazhakkai stir fry,vazhakkai dry ,vazhakkai masala,plantain podimas,
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Vazhakkai podimas recipe, Plantain stir fry, How to make Vazhakkai podimas


 This is a quick stir fry rich in color and flavor. This recipe is prepared by boiling plantain in water and then sauted in onion hence it is more appetizing as compared to the regular versions in which plantain will be cooked. So lets get to the making! [sam id=”1″ […]

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Gyoza dumplings recipe, How to make dumplings


 Gyoza are Japanese version dumplings similar to Chinese. Gyoza is pan fried dumpling consisting  of stuffing with veggies or meat and differs from Chinese dumplings for its garlic flavor. I made this recipe in Desi version so everyone can make an attempt. You don’t have to run to the stores […]

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Chapati ladoo recipe, How to make chapati ladoo


 Chapati ladoos are prepared using leftover chapatis. It is very easy to make and has only 4 ingredients in its making. I learnt this recipe from my mother in law and now whenever I have leftover chapati at home this is one among the ways in which they can be […]