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Prawn biryani
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Prawn biryani, Pressure cooker Prawn biryani recipe


 Pressure cooker prawn biryani is a very aromatic, flavorful and mouthwatering one pot dish prepared with few basic ingredients in a very simple and easy method. This biryani involves grinding of a paste using mint, cilantro and green chilli to enhance the taste of this biryani. As it is thanksgiving […]

Black chana kuzhambu
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Black chana kuzhambu recipe, Kondakadalai kuzhambu (with video)


 Black chana kuzhambu/ Konda kadalai kuzhambu is a very easy and simple to make recipe prepared by adding cooked black chana in spicy coconut mixture. This kuzhambu / curry is prepared without using green chilli, dried red chilli or chilli powder and all the spiciness comes only from peppercorn making […]

Coconut masala rice
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Coconut masala rice recipe, Thengai sadam


 Coconut masala rice is a simple and hassle free recipe, prepared by adding more flavors, taste and spiciness to the regular coconut rice. Coconut masala rice involves grinding of a masala powder with 4 basic ingredients available in pantry and that’s the only addition made to this recipe. This coconut […]

Poondu kuzhambu
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Poondu kuzhambu recipe, Chettinadu style poondu kuzhambu


 Poondu kuzhambu is a spicy, tangy and very flavorful kuzhambu prepared in chettinadu style by grinding paste with onion, tomato and coconut. This kuzhambu became my favorite one since my pregnancy after trying lot of variations. Many people prepare this poondu kuzhambu/ garlic kuzhambu in different ways and methods but […]

Semiya upma
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Semiya upma recipe, Vermicelli upma


 Semiya upma / Vermicelli upma is a simple and quick recipe which can be served as breakfast/ dinner. Semiya upma is an instant and basic upma with only handful ingredients in the making, does not require much of cutting work or time to prepare. Though i dont like semiya/ vermicelli […]

tempered rice
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Tempered rice recipe, Talimpu annam, Thalicha Sadam


 Tempered rice/ Talimpu annam/ Thalicha sadam is a quick and instant recipe to add flavors and taste to your leftover rice. Tempered rice is a flavorful rice with crunchiness from dal and peanuts is very easy to prepare and requires very few basic ingredients in its making. This is one […]

Brinjal pickle
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Instant Brinjal pickle recipe, Pickle recipes, Instant recipes (with video)


 Brinjal pickle is instant recipe prepared by pickling fried brinjal cubes. Though this pickle is instant, its flavors and taste are much appetizing than the regular pickles that we make at home. Adding lemon juice and ground mustard fenugreek powder enhances the taste of this pickle. I got to know […]

masala paratha
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Masala paratha recipe, Paratha recipes


 Masala paratha is a spicy and flavorful paratha prepared by adding chilli powder, garam masala powder and coriander powder. Adding chopped cilantro to the paratha enhances the flavors and taste of this paratha even more. Masala paratha is a quick and easy recipe that can be prepared with basic ingredients […]

Aloo bread upma
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Aloo bread upma recipe, Bread upma (with video)


 Aloo bread upma is a simple and easy breakfast recipe prepared by tossing chopped bread cubes in onion potato mixture. This is a very quick and yummy recipe, which can be prepared on a busy morning as this does not require any side accompany. I have always enjoyed eating this […]

Bendakaya vepudu
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Bendakaya vepudu recipe, Okra fry recipe, Fry recipes


 Bendakaya vepudu/ Okra fry is a common dish made in Andhra Pradesh to accompany rice. Bendakaya vepudu / okra fry is a spicy dish with crunchiness from dal and peanuts is cooked in oil without adding water. I learnt this recipe from my vadina (sister – in – law) who […]