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Capsicum masala rice, Variety rice recipes


 Capsicum masala rice is a spicy and flavored rice prepared by combining oil roasted capsicum, rice and freshly ground masala powder made with select spices. I never knew about capsicum rice until I tasted it at my sisters house. At first I was hesitant to taste then after tasting dint […]

Fruit Yogurt Popsicle
Recipes, Summer Treat

Fruit Yogurt Popsicle


 Fruit yogurt Popsicle is a combination of yogurt, blueberry and raspberry pulverized in blender, refrigerated and served. Homemade Popsicle are healthy and easy to make recipe. These Popsicle will be adored by both kids and adults and most importantly yogurt lovers. Its been hot here in CA for the past […]

Shahi tukda
Ramadan/ Bakrid Recipes, Recipes, Sweets & Desserts

Shahi tukda, Shahi tukra, Double ka meetha


 Shahi tukda is a mouthwatering dessert made by soaking ghee fried bread slices in sweetened milk mixture/ rabri. This is my all time favorite recipe as it is very easy to make and very delicious. I prepared this recipe today as it was a very hot day here in CA, […]

Chapati cutlet
Recipes, Snacks

Chapati cutlet recipe, How to make Chapati cutlet


 Chapati cutlet is a delicious and super easy snack made with leftover chapati. Chapati cutlet is prepared by combining ground chapati powder, carrot, corn and potato, then shaped into patty and pan fried. Again this is one of my handy recipe after chapati ladoo to finish leftover chapati at home […]

chicken masala dry
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Chicken masala dry recipe, How to make dry chicken masala


 Chicken masala dry is a mouthwatering spicy and aromatic dish where chicken pieces will be cooked in oil without adding water. Adding crushed garlic adds more flavor to this dish. I used sesame oil and regular oil for making this recipe as it helps in making the dish even tastier. […]

Bisi Bele Bath
Lunch Recipes, Recipes, Rice Recipes, Variety rice

Bisi bele bath recipe, How to make Bisibelabath


 Bisi bele bath / Bisibelabath is a delicious and healthy rice recipe hailing from the state of Karnataka is prepared with rice, toor dal and with lot of vegetables. This rice is made flavorful and the unique taste comes by adding bisibelabath powder which is made by grinding select roasted […]

Bisi Bele Bath powder
Chutney/ Podi, Recipes

Bisi Bele Bath powder, How to make BisiBelaBath powder


 Bisi bele bath powder / Bisibelabath powder is a spicy and flavorful powder prepared by grinding select roasted spices. This powder is used for enhancing the flavor and taste of a rice dish called bisibelabath/ bisi bele bath originating from the state of karnataka. So lets get to the making of […]

boondi ladoo
Diwali Sweets & Snacks, Ganesh chaturthi recipes, Recipes, Sweets & Desserts

Boondi ladoo, Boondi laddu recipe, Diwali sweets


 Boondi ladoo is a delicious indian sweet recipe prepared during festivals like diwali. Boondi ladoo is made with besan acting as key ingredient in making boondi( small fried yellow ball). This ladoo is easy to make and gives perfect results when made with correct measurements and technique. I was thinking […]

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Mini pizza recipe, How to make mini pizza


 Mini pizza is a delicious and fun to make recipe as it is not only easy to make but can be prepared with different toppings as well, I mean each pizza with different topping. Mini pizza works best as evening snack or appetizer and all time favorite one for kids. […]

rajma dosa
Dosa/ Uttapam, Recipes

Rajma dosa, Kidney bean dosa recipe


 Rajma dosa is a very delicious and healthy dosa prepared by grinding soaked rajma, rice and urad dal into batter. Rajma dosa batter does not require fermentation and dosa can be made as soon you grind it. Rajma dosa is very easy to make and different from regular dosa and […]