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tortilla noodles
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Tortilla noodles recipe, Veg tortilla noodles

Tortilla noodles is a quick and easy to make dish prepared by tossing thinly cut tortilla in sauteed veggies. The leftover tortilla/ fresh tortilla can be given this new form and can be served as snack/ dinner or for lunch box. This tortilla noodles is filled with flavors and masala […]

quinoa fried rice
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Quinoa egg fried rice recipe, Indian quinoa recipes

Quinoa egg fried “rice” is a delicious and classic combination of stir fried veggies, egg and cooked quinoa. This is a healthy version of fried rice as it is contains quinoa a seed that is rich in protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids. You can try adding chicken […]

quinoa fried rice
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Quinoa fried rice recipe, Vegetable quinoa fried rice

Quinoa fried rice or vegetable quinoa fried rice is a quick and healthy one pot dish prepared by tossing cooked white quinoa in sauteed veggies. This easy peasy dish can be prepared in a jiffy so works well on a busy working day and serves as an excellent lunch box […]

mint rice
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Mint rice recipe, How to make Pudina rice

Mint rice / Pudina rice is a quick and easy to make delicious rice dish. This variety rice with flavors of mint and coriander is a one pot dish and makes excellent lunch box recipe. A spicy potato fry or chips can be accompanied as side dish. This mint rice […]

sambar sadam
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Sambar sadam, Lunch box menu #4

Sambar sadam/ Sambar rice is a wholesome and delicious one pot meal that is loaded with mixed vegetables. This rice is something easy to make and serves as excellent lunch box recipe. Simply served with papad, fryums or even potato chips goes excellent with this rice. If you are a […]

vegetable hakka noodles
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Vegetable hakka noodles, Lunch box menu#3

Vegetable hakka noodles/ Veg noodles is a quick and yummy dish that both kids and adults adore. It’s a very tasty and popular one pot healthy dish that is super easy to prepare and that needs not much explanation or introduction so just hop on to the link below to […]

vegetable masala pasta
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Vegetable masala pasta, Egg, Lunch box menu#2

This is again one such simple and quick to make lunch box recipe that I always love to pack as it is healthy and filling as well. I usually try to pack a well nutritious lunch box but happens seldom as the time available in the morning is very little […]

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Jeera rice, Rajma masala, Chapati – Lunch Box Menu #1

So here it is!! My first recipe for lunchbox series!! Yes here again we ll witness a lot of lunchbox recipes with some clicks along with it to make it easy. I shall also add notes on how I prepared it which might be useful for all the beginners out […]