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fox nuts roti
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Phool makhana chapati recipe, Lotus seeds roti

Phool makhana chapati/ Lotus seeds chapati/ Fox nuts chapati is a soft, delicious and healthy chapati/ roti made with powdered phool makhana/ lotus seeds and wheat flour. Phool makhana/ lotus seeds a white colored seed popped like popcorn is a good source of protein rich in iron, fiber and a […]

spring onion paratha
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Spring onion paratha, How to make Spring onion paratha

Spring onion paratha is a soft and layered paratha unique from the regular paratha that we make at home. Spring onion paratha is so flavorful that it can be consumed without any side accompany also, but with any spicy side dish too it goes very well. I am a huge […]

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Bhatura recipe, Bhatoora recipe, How to make Batura

Bhatura (batura, bhatoora) is a puffy fried Indian bread made with maida, sooji and curd that is usually served with channa masala/ chole masala. Bhatura/ Batura is very easy to make at home as the ingredients used are so basic and are always available in the kitchen. one thing I […]

North Indian main dish, Recipes

Phulka recipe (Direct flame method), Soft roti recipe

Phulka is a super soft puffed roti made with wheat flour on direct flame/ roti grill/ roti jari. Phulka/ roti can be served with any curry / gravy to make the meal a delicious one. People usually think making phulka/ roti is tough and involves a technique to achieve it […]

whole wheat naan
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Whole wheat naan recipe without yeast, Whole wheat naan on stove top or tawa

Whole wheat naan is soft, fluffy and delicious naan prepared in a super easy method, yes on stove top without adding yeast in the recipe. Adding kalonji seeds/ nigella seeds to the naan gives a delightful flavor and makes it more appetizing. This easy naan recipe and method yields very […]

peas paratha
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Peas paratha recipe (without stuffing), Matar paratha recipe

Peas paratha (without stuffing) is a healthy, yummy and very flavorful paratha prepared in the most simplest and hassle free method with few basic ingredients that is always available in kitchen. This paratha is prepared by adding green peas cilantro paste to wheat flour mixture, which is kneaded into soft […]

missi roti
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Missi roti recipe, How to make Missi roti, Misi roti

Missi roti/ Misi roti is a very flavorful and yummy Indian spiced flat bread prepared with wheat flour and besan. Adding onion, ginger, green chilli and other spices adds to flavors of this roti. Freshly chopped cilantro is also used in the making which makes the roti even more appetizing […]

besan cheela
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Besan cheela recipe, Besan chilla, Besan ka cheela

Besan cheela/ Besan chilla/ Besan ka cheela is an instant, quick and easy to make breakfast that can be prepared in very less time. Besan cheela is a spiced Indian pancake that requires very basic ingredients in its making that is always available in our pantry. This soft and spongy […]

rava kichadi
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Rava kichadi recipe, Semolina khichdi, Sooji kichadi

Rava kichadi/ Sooji kichadi is a very easy and simple to make breakfast and also healthy start of the day as it is loaded with veggies and taste. Rava kichadi is similar to the preparation of regular rava upma/ sooji upma but is more tastier. This recipe can be served […]

Sabudana khichdi
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Sabudana khichdi recipe, Sago khichdi

Sabudana khichdi / Sago khichdi is a yummy to eat dish and easy to prepare breakfast which can be prepared in no time as it involves only handful ingredients. Sabudana khichdi is a spicy and crunchy recipe made with potatoes and sabudana/ sago acting as key ingredients. Adding lemon juice […]