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abc juice recipe
Beverages, Recipes, Summer Treat

ABC juice recipe, ABC drink


 ABC JUICE a super popular, healthy and delicious detox or immunity booster drink prepared easily with apples, beetroot and carrots (abc). This drink has surely gained its popularity during this pandemic which should have been consumed/ gained popularity even before it due to it’s the immense health benefits it causes […]

mirchi ka salan
Gravy/ Curry/ Masala, Lunch Recipes, Ramadan/ Bakrid Recipes, Recipes

Mirchi ka salan recipe, Hyderabadi salan, Mirchi salan


 Mirchi ka salan/ Hyderabadi Mirchi salan is a popular peanut based spicy gravy usually accompanied with biryani like this: Boneless chicken dum biryani Parda chicken biryani Air fryer chicken 65 biryani Chicken dum biryani Restaurant style chicken dum biryani Green veg biryani Egg dum biryani   Hyderabadi salan is prepared […]

zarda pulao recipe
Ramadan/ Bakrid Recipes, Recipes, Rice Recipes, Sweets & Desserts

Zarda pulao recipe, Meethe chawal, Sweet rice


 Zarda pulao/ Meethe chawal is a very fragrant and delicious sweet yellow colored saffron flavored rice/ chawal tossed in whole spices, dry fruit and some sugar, which is usually prepared during festivals, special occasion, weddings or sometimes served along with biryani like these: Boneless chicken dum biryani Parda chicken biryani […]

chicken malai kabab recipe
Baked Goods, Chicken Recipes, Recipes, Starters

Chicken malai kabab, Reshmi kabab(Pan/ Baked)


 Chicken malai kabab/ Chicken Reshmi kabab/ Murgh malai kabab is a scrumptious, creamy and very flavorful kebab/ kabab that is super easy and quick to make. Handful ingredients mixed / massaged on chicken breast cubes,  marinated for hours then baked/ tawa cooked to perfection. I prepared this Reshmi kabab recipe […]

jackfruit aviyal recipe
Jackfruit Recipes, Lunch Recipes, Onam Recipes, Poriyal/ Fry, Recipes

Chakka aviyal recipe, Jackfruit aviyal


 Chakka aviyal/ Jackfruit aviyal is a simple, quick and delicious coconut based dish popular in Kerala. Unlike the regular aviyal this recipe includes no curd/ yogurt or mixed veggies but tastes truly delicious and is often served alongside rice, sambar and fish curry. Jackfruit season is back and as much […]

air fryer chicken cutlet recipe
Air fryer recipes, Chicken Recipes, Potluck Recipes, Ramadan/ Bakrid Recipes, Recipes, Starters

Air fryer chicken cutlet recipe, Chicken cutlet


 Air fryer chicken cutlet is a party appetizer/ evening snack with a delicious combination of chicken, potato and spices that is shaped/ flattened like patty, breaded and Air fried to perfection. This chicken cutlet can be deep fried or tawa fried like this CHICKEN CUTLET ON TAWA which I posted […]

tutti frutti ice cream
Ice cream Recipes, Recipes, Summer Treat

Tutti frutti Ice cream, How to make tutti frutti Ice cream


 Tutti frutti Ice cream is a creamy and delicious homemade ice cream loaded with candid fruit that can be easily prepared at home with just 4 ingredients. As the days get hotter we all are reminded of Ice cream so thought to share a simple yet interesting Ice cream recipe […]

air fryer tandoori chicken wings
Air fryer recipes, Chicken Recipes, Ramadan/ Bakrid Recipes, Recipes, Starters

Air fryer tandoori chicken wings recipe, Tandoori wings


 Air fryer tandoori chicken wings is a spicy, juicy and delicious appetizer prepared by Air frying marinated pieces of chicken wings to perfection. Yes unbelievable texture was achieved in the Air fryer and as it looks it tasted great as well. Cut, marinate and hassle free Air fry to prepare […]

jackfruit cupcake
Baked Goods, Cake/ Cupcake/ Muffin, Jackfruit Recipes, Recipes

Jackfruit cupcake recipe, Jackfruit recipes


 Jackfruit Cupcake/ Chekka cupcake/ Palapazham cupcake/ Jackfruit cake is one such moist, spongy, delicious and quick to make sweet treat loaded with jackfruit and its flavors for sure. Jackfruit season is on and I am sure many of us are big fans of this fruit for its sweetness and distinct […]

chicken makhani biryani
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Butter chicken biryani recipe, Chicken makhani biryani


 Butter chicken biryani/ Chicken makhani biryani is one such scrumptious and simplest biryani of all loaded with flavors from chicken and makhani gravy over which half cooked basmati rice is cooked to perfection on dum. The creamy, spicy and sweet flavors from makhani gravy is almost the same as the […]