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samai karupatti pidi kozhukatta
Festival, Ganesh chaturthi recipes, Snacks, Sweets & Desserts

Samai karupatti pidi kozhukattai, Samai kozhukattai


 Samai karupatti pidi kozhukattai/ Little millet palm jaggery kozhukattai is an easy and quick to make healthy snack prepared with little millet flour, karupatti/ jaggery and flavored with cardamom. Little millet/Samai like any other millet is rich in protein, fiber, acts as antioxidants and combats with diabetes. Millets are suitable […]

karupatti thengai poornam kozhukattai
Festival, Ganesh chaturthi recipes, Snacks, Sweets & Desserts

Karupatti thengai poornam kozhukattai, Mothagam


 Karupatti thengai poornam kozhukattai/ Palm jaggery coconut mothagam is a healthy and delicious dumpling/ snack prepared by filling/ stuffing palm jaggery coconut pooranam in the rice flour dough and steamed to perfection! So its the regular kozhukattai recipe with a little tweak to it! Ok so everyone might be really […]

vegetable couscous upma
Breakfast and Dinner Recipes, Couscous recipes, Recipes, Upma

Vegetable couscous upma recipe, Couscous upma


 Vegetable couscous upma is a quick and easy to make healthy breakfast loaded with veggies and taste. What is that? A new term? For some yes and for some no! Let’s see what is couscous. Couscous is a granular semolina that resemble tiny beads is a staple food of Northern […]

whole wheat bhatura
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Whole wheat bhatura, Wheat bhatura without yeast


 Whole wheat bhatura is a puffy and fluffy deep fried leavened Indian bread prepared with wheat flour, maida, curd, baking soda and sooji/ rava. Bhatura is traditionally prepared with maida/ all purpose flour and served with chole/ chana masala but to keep it healthy and break the boredom I tried […]

air fryer lauki kofta recipe
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Air fryer lauki kofta recipe, Bottle gourd kofta curry


 Air fryer lauki kofta/ Bottle gourd kofta curry is a flavorful and delicious gravy/ curry where round shaped cooked kofta balls prepared with grated lauki/ bottle gourd is dunked / drenched in a tangy and slightly sweet onion tomato based gravy. Might sound a little confusing but trust me it […]

sweet appam recipe
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Sweet appam recipe, Instant wheat flour appam


 Instant wheat flour appam/ Sweet appam is a super easy and quick to make yummy deep fried snack that can be prepared in no time with only few ingredients that you can easily pull out of your pantry. This instant appam is a great way to make use of overripe […]

kambu ribbon pakoda
Diwali Sweets & Snacks, Festival, Gokulashtami recipes, Recipes, Snacks

Kambu ribbon pakoda, Pearl millet ribbon murukku


 Kambu ribbon pakoda/ Pearl millet ribbon murukku/ Bajra ribbon pakoda is a very easy and quick to make crispy snack shaped like ribbon which can be prepared for festivals like Krishna Jayanthi, Diwali or sometimes consumed as tea time snack. Ribbon pakoda/ Ribbon murukku/ Bajra ribbon pakoda is usually prepared […]

indian style tomato spaghetti
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Indian style tomato spaghetti, Desi spaghetti recipe


 Indian style tomato spaghetti/ Desi style tomato spaghetti is prepared by tossing cooked spaghetti in spicy onion tomato sauce flavored and seasoned with Indian spices. Those spices and flavors is what we sometimes need/ miss while eating Italian spaghetti and that’s how it should be when you say it “ITALIAN […]

boneless chicken dum biryani recipe
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Boneless chicken dum biryani, Chicken dum biryani


 Boneless chicken dum biryani is a very flavorful and scrumptious one pot meal prepared by cooking marinated chicken over which half cooked rice is layered and cooked in dum style. “Dum” is one of the ways to cook biryani where all the flavors and aroma is locked/ sealed within the […]

butter cake
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Butter cake recipe, Tea time butter cake


 Butter cake/Tea time butter cake as the name goes it is a soft, moist, fluffy and buttery cake prepared with basic ingredients like all purpose flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla syrup and a lot of butter. Yes that’s what makes it butter cake and different from the regular vanilla cake. This […]