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javvarisi butter murukku recipe
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Sago butter murukku recipe, Javvarisi butter murukku


 Sago butter murukku/ Javvarisi butter murukku/ Sagubbiyam murukku is a crunchy and buttery deep fried snack that is usually prepared during festivals like diwali. This is a regular butter murukku recipe with a little tweak by adding soaked sago/ javvarisi to the dough. This is surely not my innovative recipe […]

paneer jalebi recipe
Diwali Sweets & Snacks, Festival, Paneer Recipes, Recipes, Sweets & Desserts

Chanar jalebi recipe, Paneer jalebi


 Paneer jalebi/ Chanar jalebi is a soft, juicy and scrumptious coil shaped deep fried sweet/ dessert prepared with a base ingredient that is freshly made chena/ chanar/ paneer. This chanar jalebi sweet looks like jalebi but tastes somewhat similar to like this paneer gulab jamun. But definitely the texture is […]

kala jamun with khoya
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Kala jamun recipe, Kala jamun with khoya


 Kala jamun/ Kala gulab jamun with khoya is a delectable Indian sweet/ dessert that is dark brown/ close to black in color naturally after which it is named as “KALA “JAMUN – kala meaning black. Kala jamun is prepared with khoya and paneer, where the mixture is kneaded into dough, shaped, […]

karupatti adhirasam recipe
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Karupatti adhirasam, Adhirasam with palm jaggery


 Karupatti adhirasam/ Palm jaggery adhirasam is a most popular and traditional South Indian deep fried sweet that is prepared with homemade rice flour and jaggery for festivals like Diwali and few other festivities. This Karupatti adhirasam sweet is very popular not just for its taste but also for its process […]

potato chicken kurma
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Chicken kurma with potato, Chicken kurma recipe


 Potato chicken kurma/ Chicken kurma with potatoes is a very flavorful and delicious coconut based gravy that is usually served with main dishes like Parotta, Idli, dosa, chapati, puri, white rice and for biryani too. Yes this versatile South Indian gravy is one such most popular and much loved gravy/ […]

ragi roti
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Ragi roti recipe, Ragi chapati, Finger millet roti


 Ragi roti/ Finger millet roti is a soft, delicious and healthy flatbread as finger millet is rich in calcium, is a good source of fiber and also aids in weight as well apart from several other benefits. I have earlier posted many recipes with ragi/ millet flour in the blog […]

jowar rava oats idli recipe
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Jowar rava oats idli recipe, Instant oats idli


 Jowar rava oats idli/ Instant oats idli is one such super popular healthy and delicious breakfast that can be prepared instantly without have to ferment the batter. This soft, spongy and fluffy idli’s when drenched in that typical coconut chutney and tiffin sambar tastes divine, or just some chutney powder […]

padhir peni recipe
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Padhir peni recipe, Chiroti recipe


 Padhir peni/ Chiroti is a scrumptious flaky and crispy sweet where deep fried layered puri is topped with powdered sugar which is flavored with cardamom and garnished with nuts. This padhir/ chiroti is a popular sweet in Tamil Nadu usually prepared for festivals and sometimes found in wedding too. This […]

thinai kesari
Festival, Millet recipes, Navaratri recipes, Recipes, Sweets & Desserts, Thinai recipes

Thinai kesari recipe, Millet kesari


 Thinai kesari/ Foxtail millet is a healthy and delicious sweet that can be prepared easily with handful ingredients during festivals like Navaratri/ special occasions. Kesari is a traditional sweet in South India and is made with sooji/ rava/ semolina which tastes super yum and can whipped up quickly as an […]

chena ladoo
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Malai ladoo recipe, Chena ladoo


 Malai ladoo/ Chena ladoo/ Paneer ladoo is a rich, delicious and easy to make sweet / dessert popular in North India which is usually prepared during festivals like Navaratri/ Ganesh chaturthi/ Special occasions. This instant malai/chena ladoo is prepared with just 3 ingredients like paneer, cardamom powder and condensed milk.. […]