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mango rasmalai recipe
Recipes, Summer Treat, Sweets & Desserts

Mango rasmalai recipe, Rasmalai recipe


 Mango rasmalai is a soft, spongy and delicious Indian dessert prepared with mango flavor to suit the summer season. Yes the regular rasmalai is given a mango twist which gives this sweet/ dessert a different taste, look and appealing color as well. I am sure this mango rasmalai will be […]

kale pakora
Recipes, Snacks, Vadai/ Bonda/ Bajji/ Pakora Recipes

Kale pakora recipe, Kale fritters recipe


 Kale pakora/ Kale fritters as the name goes is a crispy and yummy tea time snack/ Appetizer prepared with kale, besan, rice flour and other pantry friendly ingredients. Pakoras are always the best combo with tea during windy/ rainy days and are much easier than bajji as they don’t require […]

sweet idli
Breakfast and Dinner Recipes, Idli, Recipes, Snacks

Olaiappam recipe, Sweet Idli recipe


 Olaiappam/ Sweet idli is a soft, spongy and fluffy idli where idli is sweetened with jaggery, flavored with cardamom and topped with grated coconut, moong dal and steamed to perfection. This sweet idli is usually served as breakfast along with ginger chutney. This is Pondicherry (I was born there) specialty […]

eggless donuts
Intercontinental recipes, Recipes, Snacks, Sweets & Desserts

Eggless doughnut recipe, Basic eggless donuts


 Eggless donut/ doughnut is one such soft, fluffy and are very easy to make fried dessert food and sometimes consumed as breakfast too. Donuts are usually prepared with eggs, flour and yeast as base ingredients but this time I wanted to make eggless donuts just to make it possible for […]

chicken yakhni pulao
Chicken Recipes, Pulao Recipes, Recipes, Rice Recipes

Chicken yakhni pulao recipe, Yakhni pulao recipe


 Chicken yakhni pulao is a delicious and aromatic Kashmiri style pulao prepared with lots of whole spices which gives this pulao a distinct flavor. This pulao is prepared by cooking chicken first then cooking the soaked rice in chicken stock flavored with whole spices, onions, ginger and garlic. This pulao […]

whole wheat pav buns
Baked Goods, North Indian Bread, Recipes, Street Food Recipes

Whole wheat pav buns recipe, Whole wheat ladi pav


 Whole wheat pav buns/ Wheat ladi pav is a light, soft and spongy Indian bread used for a variety of dishes like pav bhaji/ vada pav and many more. Pav bun/ ladi pav is usually prepared with maida/ all purpose flour with or without eggs  but this recipe is eggless and […]

brinjal fry recipe
Lunch Recipes, Poriyal/ Fry, Recipes

Brinjal fry recipe, Brinjal tawa fry recipe


 Big brinjal tawa fry/ Brinjal fry/ Baingan fry is a spicy and masala flavored south Indian style fry/ roast that can be served alongside rice, mor kuzhambu/ sambar. This quick and easy to make fry will be super yummy and will be interesting to cook than the regular stir fry/ poriyal […]

rose milk ice cream
Recipes, Summer Treat

Rose milk ice cream recipe, Rose ice cream recipe


 Rose milk ice cream/ Rose ice cream is a smooth, creamy and delicious tasting baby pink colored ice cream prepared with just 3 ingredients at home. Yes!! You heard it all right! Full fat cream and sugar whipped together, flavored with rose essence and frozen overnight. Voila homemade ice cream […]

sorrel leaves rice
Lunch Recipes, Recipes, Rice Recipes, Variety rice

Gongura pulihora recipe, Sorrel leaves rice


 Gongura pulihora/ Sorrel leaves rice is a very popular and delicious variety rice prepared by adding tempered sorrel leaves/ gongura paste to cooked rice and mixed to perfection. These gongura leaves are well known for their sour taste and is abundantly available in monsoon season which is happening currently (May […]

ragi appam
Appam, Breakfast and Dinner Recipes, Millet recipes, Ragi Recipes

Ragi appam recipe, Finger millet appam recipe


 Ragi appam/ Finger millet appam is a soft, spongy and healthy breakfast with bowl shape is prepared with fermented batter consisting of raw rice, idli rice and ragi flour. Yes you heard it right, this recipe uses no grated coconut in its making nor yeast but still yields fluffy and […]