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Suiyam recipe, Suyyam
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Suiyam recipe, Suyyam, Sweet Suzhiyan, Suzhiyam


 Suzhiyam/ Suyyam/ Suzhiyan/ Seeyam/ Borrelu is a deep fried sweet dish made with channa dal and jaggery stuffing. This sweet dish is usually made during diwali and that’s why I thought to post it just before the festival.  This sweet dish has a stuffing and outer layer made with a […]

black rice halwa, halwa
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Kavuni arisi halwa, Black rice halwa, Chettinadu sweet


 Kavuni arisi halwa/ Black rice halwa is a delicious and flavorful halwa originating from chettinadu cuisine. Black rice halwa as the name goes it is made with black rice called kavuni arisi in tamil and coconut milk. What coconut milk? Yes you heard that right, this particular ingredient adds more […]

chicken biryani, easy chicken biryani
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Chicken Biryani, Easy chicken biryani recipe


 Chicken biryani is a delicious and very flavorful one pot meal that needs no introduction and that needs is adored by all. Chicken biryani can be made in many ways, prepared in any methods but the output always seems to be delish. This chicken biryani is one such simple, easy […]

sambar sadam
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Sambar sadam, Lunch box menu #4


 Sambar sadam/ Sambar rice is a wholesome and delicious one pot meal that is loaded with mixed vegetables. This rice is something easy to make and serves as excellent lunch box recipe. Simply served with papad, fryums or even potato chips goes excellent with this rice. If you are a […]

Cornflakes chivda, Cornflakes mixture recipe, mixture
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Cornflakes chivda, Cornflakes mixture recipe


 Cornflakes mixture or Cornflakes chivda is a non deep fried spicy and sweet snack made with ready to eat cornflakes. Yes this non deep fried! You can use the regular makai or chivda making cornflakes available in store too to make this mixture recipe. Since I had lot of cornflakes […]

witch finger cookies, cookies
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Witch finger cookies recipe, Halloween cookies


 Witch finger cookies is one such fancy and spooky cookies made with basic sugar cookies dough. Yes you heard it right! These finger cookies are super easy to achieve and yummy to taste. It does not take much time to make it as needs no dough refrigeration also needs no […]

5 taste uthappam, breakfast recipe
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5 taste uthappam recipe, Breakfast recipes


 5 taste uttappam as the name goes is different and interesting recipe that serves 5 uthappams in different tastes with different variety of side dishes. Yes this breakfast dish is usually served in restaurants in chennai and I wanted to try it for the longest time and I am glad […]

Proso millet upma, Millet recipes
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Proso millet upma, Millet recipes


 Proso millet is one of the healthiest and delicious small, starchy grain that pale yellow or whitish in color. Proso millet/ broom corn millet is called Panivaragu in Tamil / Barri in Hindi / Varigulu in Telugu / Baragu in Kannada. Call it any name it has rich source of […]

Idli, chutney, sambar
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Idli, chutney, sambar, Indian breakfast menu #6


 So here is another breakfast idea that is most popular and very common in most of the South Indian houses. Yes idli with chutney and sambar is heavenly combo that is tummy filling and tasty to eat as well. This simple breakfast is one such easy to make recipe if […]

vegetable hakka noodles
Lunch box idea, Recipes

Vegetable hakka noodles, Lunch box menu#3


 Vegetable hakka noodles/ Veg noodles is a quick and yummy dish that both kids and adults adore. It’s a very tasty and popular one pot healthy dish that is super easy to prepare and that needs not much explanation or introduction so just hop on to the link below to […]