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vazhaipoo biryani recipe
Biryani Recipes, Lunch Recipes, Pressure Cooker Recipes, Recipes, Rice Recipes

Vazhaipoo biryani recipe, Banana flower biryani


 Banana flower biryani/ Vazhaipoo biryani is a delicious, healthy and interesting one pot recipe where sauteed banana flower and rice is cooked to perfection along with spices. Banana flower/ Vazhaipoo is not liked by much for its bitter taste but adding it to our diet in an yummy way is […]

veg nuggets
Recipes, Snacks, Starters

Veg nuggets recipe, Homemade vegetable nuggets


 Veggie nuggets as the name goes is a bread coated deep fried snack prepared with a mixture of veggies. We all know about nuggets which is usually prepared with chicken which is a regular one so thought to try something different and here I ended up making veg nuggets which […]

instant pot quinoa pongal
Breakfast and Dinner Recipes, Instant Pot Recipes, Pongal Recipes, Quinoa Recipes, Recipes

Instant pot quinoa pongal, Instant pot Indian recipes


 Quinoa pongal is a replica of classic South Indian breakfast ven pongal/ khara pongal prepared with quinoa (a healthy grain rich in protein and iron) and moong dal along with some tempering. This quick and easy to make healthy quinoa pongal can be made in jiffy using instant pot with […]

atta pizza without yeast
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Whole wheat cheese pizza, Atta pizza without yeast


 This yeast free whole wheat cheese pizza is a soft, delish and healthy pizza prepared with wheat flour/ atta base from scratch at home and baked to perfection. We usually prepare pizza with all purpose flour but I have been wanting to make a healthy version of it using atta […]

tortilla noodles
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Tortilla noodles recipe, Veg tortilla noodles


 Tortilla noodles is a quick and easy to make dish prepared by tossing thinly cut tortilla in sauteed veggies. The leftover tortilla/ fresh tortilla can be given this new form and can be served as snack/ dinner or for lunch box. This tortilla noodles is filled with flavors and masala […]

beetroot thoran recipe
Lunch Recipes, Onam Recipes, Poriyal/ Fry, Recipes

Beetroot thoran recipe, Beetroot stir fry


 Beetroot thoran/ Beetroot stir fry is a delish and flavorful stir fry/ poriyal where tempered beetroot mixture is mixed with coconut shallot mixture and cooked to perfection using coconut oil. This dry side dish tastes great when served along with sambar and rice during lunch. This dish also is one of […]

jowar roti recipe
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Jowar roti, Jolada rotti, Jowar bhakri, Millet recipes


 Jowar roti/ Jolada rotti/ Jowar bhakri is a super soft, delish and healthy roti/ Indian bread that is prepared with gluten free jowar/ sorghum/ cholam millet flour. As we all know jowar/ cholam is rich in iron, fiber, protein, controls blood sugar levels and packed with vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, […]

pepper paneer recipe
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Paneer pepper masala recipe, Pepper paneer recipe


 Paneer pepper masala is a spicy and flavorful side dish that goes well with roti, fried rice, noodles or can be relished just like an appetizer as well. This dish is quick to make and serves to b an excellent lunch box recipe also. A long list of basic ingredients […]

semiya paruppu upma
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Semiya paruppu upma recipe, Chana dal semiya upma


 Chana dal semiya upma/ semiya kadalai paruppu upma/ chana dal vermicelli upma is one of a unique style upma prepared by adding soaked chana dal paste to vermicelli and cooked to perfection. We have seen basic onion sautéed semiya upma or veggies in vermicelli upma but this paruppu semiya upma […]

instant pot kasi halwa
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Instant pot kasi halwa recipe, Poosanikai halwa recipe


 Kasi halwa/ Poosinikai halwa is a delicious and melt in mouth shiny looking sweet/ dessert prepared with winter melon / ash gourd/ white pumpkin. This traditional sweet does not demand too many ingredients but still tastes outstanding. The cooking time is more for the halwa preparation when done in stove […]