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air fryer chilli gobi recipe
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Air fryer chilli gobi recipe, Chilli gobi


 Chilli gobi/ Air fryer Chilli gobi is a sweet, spicy and slightly tangy INDO – CHINESE appetizer/ side prepared by tossing air fried batter coated gobi florets in saucy veggies. Traditionally chilli gobi is prepared with deep fried batter coated gobi florets but to keep it healthy and for a […]

instant pot millet bisi bele bath recipe
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Instant pot millet bisi bele bath, Millet bisi bele bath


 Instant pot millet bisi bele bath/ Barnyard millet bisi bele bath is a scrumptious, wholesome and healthy one pot meal prepared by cooking millet, dal and veggies in freshly ground bisi bele bath powder then topped with tempering consisting of ghee, cashews and curry leaves. Traditionally bisi bele bath is […]

virudhunagar poricha parotta
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Poricha parotta recipe, Virudhunagar poricha parotta


 Poricha parotta/ Virudhunagar parotta is a super flaky, crispy, lightly sweet and delicious deep fried parotta often served with salna both veg/ chicken. This deep fried/ ennai parotta/ poricha parotta is super popular in Virudhunagar/ Thoothukudi and much craved by all for its taste and texture. Not an everyday delicacy […]

wheat cake
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Wheat cake recipe, Whole wheat sponge cake


 Whole wheat sponge cake/ Wheat cake is a soft, spongy and delicious cake prepared with all those ingredients necessarily used in the making of basic sponge cake (handful only) but but in this recipe I replaced maida/ all purpose flour with whole wheat flour/ atta, as the title says. Yes […]

beetroot millet adai recipe
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Beetroot adai recipe, Beetroot millet adai


 Beetroot adai / Beetroot millet adai/ Beetroot thinai adai is a delicious breakfast prepared with a mixture of lentils, millet and some beetroot for that extra taste, health and also to create a variation or variety from the regular adai. Adai – A south Indian savory pancake that is traditionally […]

chocolate apple jalebi recipe
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Chocolate apple jalebi recipe, Apple jalebi


 Chocolate apple jalebi is a puffy fried sweet prepared by soaking chocolate batter coated fried apple rings in sugar syrup. Traditionally apple jalebi is prepared with maida/ all purpose flour like this APPLE JALEBI  only but wanted to try making it in different version/ flavor so tried adding some cocoa […]

vankaya vepudu
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Brinjal fry in iron kadai, Vankaya vepudu recipe


 Iron kadai Brinjal fry/ Vankaya vepudu is a spicy, flavorful and very quick to make stir fry that can be prepared with handful ingredients in no time and served along with any dal variety/just rice/ roti. I regretted not trying this recipe for a very long time as this brinjal […]

fish sukka
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Fish chukka recipe, Claypot fish sukka


 Fish chukka/ Fish sukka/ Air fryer fish chukka is a flavorful and scrumptious dry dish prepared by tossing fried fish in spicy onion tomato masala. Traditionally chukka / sukka is prepared with mutton since I din’t eat mutton I had already posted chukka recipe like this CHICKEN CHUKKA. I was […]

little millet poori
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Little millet poori recipe, Samai poori, Millet poori


 Little millet poori/ Samai poori is a delicious and deep fried puffy Indian bread prepared with little millet flour and whole wheat flour. Traditionally poori is prepared with Whole wheat flour/ Maida but for a change thought to post recipe with millet and as it always turns out puffy and […]

air fryer bread pakora
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Air fryer bread pakora recipe, Air fryer pakora


 Air fryer bread pakora is a delicious and a healthy version of regular bread pakora/ pakoda which is prepared by air frying besan coated bread slices to perfection. This bread pakora/ fritter is all time favorite tea time snack for anyone and now it can be consumed in a guilt […]