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Badusha recipe, How to make badusha

Badusha/ Balushahi is light, flaky and delicious sweet that is adored by most of us. Okay at least by few? Though the name and its making looks simple its turned out to be nightmare for me from 2016 for which I have no reason till date. Ok so what happened? […]

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Watermelon seeds burfi recipe, Easy watermelon seed burfi

Watermelon seed burfi is a new and interesting sweet recipe that I am happy to introduce in my blog as it is a sweet fudge that no one has ever heard or tasted it. This watermelon seed burfi is not only new it is very easy to make and involves […]

Sugar adhirasam
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Sugar adhirasam, Sugar Ariselu recipe, Adhirasam with sugar

Sugar adhirasam/ Ariselu is a delicious fried indian sweet usually prepared during festivals like diwali. Adhirasam is often considered as complex sweet, as it gets little tricky while making ball consistency sugar syrup, and this plays key role in making this sweet. Sugar adhirasam ingredients and making is same as […]

oats halwa
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Oats halwa recipe, Instant halwa recipes

Oats halwa is a healthy and delicious recipe where ghee roasted oats is cooked in milk. This halwa is very easy to make and takes only 15 minutes to prepare. So this halwa is suitable to full fill any sudden sweet cravings or can be prepared for festivals too. Sugar […]


Fried modak, How to make fried modak

Fried modak is a delicious deep fried sweet recipe with chewy coconut jaggery filling and crunchy exterior made with wheat flour dough. This recipe is usually made during Ganesh chaturthi. This recipe is easy to make though the pleating might take a little practice, but no worries even I have […]

paruppu poli, puran poli
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Paruppu poli, Puran poli recipe, Sweet recipes

Paruppu poli/ Bobbatlu/Puran poli is a delicious flattened stuffed sweet recipe prepared by stuffing dal jaggery mixture in flattened dough and cooked on tawa using ghee. Puran poli is usually prepared during Indian festival but it can be served as evening snack as well. I usually don’t use rolling pin to […]

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Palathalikalu recipe, How to make Palathalikalu, Ganesh Chaturthi recipes

Palathalikalu is a sweet recipe prepared by adding steamed rice flour noodles in boiling milk coconut mixture. Palathalikalu is usually prepared during shankranti, ganesh chathurthi and polala amavasya. This recipe involves grinding of coconut and cashews. Though this recipe involves lot of steps in its making it is very delicious […]

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Paal poli, Milk poli recipe, How to make paal poli

Paal poli is a delicious and rich sweet recipe prepared by drenching fried maida poori in milk mixture. Paal poli is my favorite sweet recipe since childhood and is made often during my birthdays at home. I am glad that got an opportunity to share this age old recipe (grandma’s […]

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Instant mysore pak recipe, Microwave mysore pak, How to make instant mysore pak

Mysore pak is a delicious sweet recipe prepared with besan and ghee and they are known to melt in mouth. It can be prepared in both stove and microwave . The below recipe is an instant one which can be prepared in just 5 minutes and surprise your audience. I […]

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Nei appam recipe, Ghee appam, How to make instant nei appam

Nei appam is an instant sweet recipe prepared with wheat flour and banana during festivals like Gokulashtami and Karthika deepam. This appam is very soft, healthy and tastes delicious as it is cooked with ghee. This recipe is very easy to prepare and has only few basic ingredients in its […]