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Garlic naan
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Garlic naan recipe, How to make garlic naan, Naan recipes

Garlic Naan is an enhancement to the regular naan which is an Indian bread. It is known for its soft spongy texture and also for its oval shape. This recipe includes mild garlic flavor and the aroma of fresh cilantro which will initiate the desire for anyone to eat. So […]

green gram dal curry, curry, pesara pappu
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Green gram dal curry recipe, How to make green moong dal

Green gram dal curry is so simple and easy to make without any hassle and can save your day when you run out of veggies that day but still wish to eat something delicious . I usually make this recipe when I have very busy day so this can be […]

tindora pachadi, kovakkai pachadi, tindora pachadi, pachadi, Ivy gourd pachadi
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Tindora thovayal, Thondakai pachadi recipe, Kovakkai thovayal

Tindora thovayal / pachadi is a tangy and spicy recipe hence it can be used as side accompany or can be mixed with hot rice. Pachadi is more easy to make and tastes delicious more than vepudu/ fry / poriyal. I prepare it either when I am not in mood to […]

Egg masala, Egg, egg curry,muttai masala, muttai gravy,masala egg,spicy masala,egg kuzhlambu
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Egg masala, Guddu masala recipe, How to make muttai masala

This spicy gravy requires no veggie cuttings and is very different from the regular masala. My mom makes this masala as side accompany , only when she makes lemon rice. Now after a long break after my pregnancy I made this and my hubby was glad to taste it and […]

okra fry, bendakaya fry, vendakai fry, Bhindi fry
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Okra fry, Bendakaya fry recipe, How to make Bhindi fry

Okra fry / Bendakaya fry/ Bhindi fry is spicy recipe with distinct taste than usual fry though it has only handful ingredients. The preparation for this recipe is similar to fish fry hence this is a real bliss for veg eaters. This fry reminds me of my husband’s colleague who […]

Egg fry, Egg vepudu, fry, egg, vepudu,egg masala,masala egg,egg curry,egg curry dry,egg onion fry,muttai fry,anda fry
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Egg fry, Egg vepudu recipe, How to make muttai fry

This spicy egg fry is a real treat for all onion and egg lovers. So I made this recipe since the boiled eggs served along with breakfast dint go well as planned and i decided to make egg fry with them and it was a huge hit. So u  can […]

mushroom biryani
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Mushroom biryani recipe, How to make mushroom biryani, South Indian biryani recipes

This one pot dish is one of my favorite biryani in veg series as it does not require proper cuttings of veggies. I usually struggle a lot to cut veggies I mean to maintain to cut it in perfect shape and especially for vegetable biryani it’s a long struggle. My […]

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Afghan bolani recipe, How to make bolani

Bolani is a yummy tasting Afghani bread with potato filling. I ate this for the very first time in a friends party and wanted to try making it as it was so delicious. To my shock the very first time I made bolani it turned out perfect and couldn’t wait […]

Chicken dum biryani
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Chicken dum biryani recipe, How to make chicken dum biryani, South Indian biryani recipes

Chicken dum biryani is a mouth watering one pot dish where spices play major role and its taste can never be substituted with any other food item according to me. Chicken dum biryani is a slow cooking process where the rice is steam cooked. I always prefer to prepare dum […]

Shrimp dum biryani
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Shrimp dum biryani recipe, Shrimp biryani, How to make shrimp dum biryani, South Indian biryani recipes

Dum biryani a mouth watering one pot dish which needs no side accompany can make your taste buds drive crazy with its flavors. I prepared this delicious dum biryani using shrimp as an Eid treat for my hubby ( Though we don’t celebrate it now)  replacing the routine chicken dum […]