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tiffin sambar
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Tiffin sambar recipe, Hotel style tiffin sambar

Tiffin sambar is a delicious and very flavorful sambar prepared specially to be served with dosa, idli, pongal, vada or any tiffin items. Tiffin sambar is usually prepared with carrot, beans, potato or pumpkin, creating combos with the veggies mentioned and add their goodness and taste to the sambar. Tiffin […]

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Aviyal recipe, Kerala Style Aviyal, How to make Avial

Aviyal/ avial is a delicious south Indian gravy loaded with veggies is usually served with adai, savory pancake made with lentils and also is an important dish in Onam Sadya. Aviyal is prepared by cooking mixed vegetables in coconut mixture and curd making it a very flavorful dish. Aviyal cooked […]