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instant palkova
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Instant palkova recipe, Microwave palkova, Theratipaal recipe

Palkova/ Theratipaal is a very delicious and lip smacking milk sweet famous in a southern part of India called SRIVILLIPUTHUR. The traditional palkova has a labor intensive procedure requiring lot of patience and experience as well, since my blog is all about recipes that are instant and simplified to help […]

instant wheat flour appam
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Instant wheat flour appam recipe, Instant sweet appam (with video)

Instant wheat flour appam is a super easy, yummy and healthy sweet recipe that can be prepared in no time with only few ingredients that you can easily pull out of your pantry. This instant appam is a great way to make use of overripe banana and also this appam […]

soft mysore pak
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Mysore pak recipe, Soft Mysore Pak recipe (with video)

Mysore pak originating from Mysore (Karnataka) as the name goes is a delicious and mouth watering rich sweet made with besan/ chickpea flour, ghee and sugar. The traditional mysore pak is hard like fudge but this recipe is another version of mysore pak as this is very soft with oozing […]

ghee cake
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Ghee cake recipe, Easy ghee cake recipe (with video)

Ghee cake is a super soft, moist and aromatic cake prepared with ghee and maida/ all purpose flour as the name goes. Ghee cake is so easy to prepare and is a beginner level cake as it involves no pre preparation and non cumbersome procedure. One thing I must say […]

bombay ice halwa
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Bombay ice halwa recipe, Mahim halwa, Paper halwa

Bombay ice halwa/ Mahim halwa/ Paper halwa is a very rich and delicious sweet loaded with nuts and saffron as topping. Bombay ice halwa comes in thin sheets of squares with a unique texture and taste. Bombay ice halwa/ Mahim halwa is very different in appearance and making as well […]

carrot halwa
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Carrot halwa recipe, Gajar ka Halwa

Carrot halwa/ Gajar ka halwa is a very delicious Indian sweet prepared with grated carrots and milk acting as key ingredients. Carrot halwa/ Gajar ka halwa is one such easy and simple halwa that anyone can prepare easily at home using few simple ingredients available in one’s pantry. Carrot halwa […]

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Mohanthal recipe, Instant Mohanthal recipe

Mohanthal is a delicious Indian dessert popular in Gujarat, is prepared during festivals and special occasions. Mohantal is traditionally prepared with besan flour, khoya, milk and garnished with nuts, but the below recipe is a quick version prepared with besan flour and condensed milk. This recipe was given to me […]

maida halwa
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Maida halwa recipe, Instant halwa, Sweets Recipes

Maida halwa is one such quick and easy halwa recipes that I have learnt from my mom in law. Maida halwa is prepared with maida, sugar and ghee and takes only 15 minutes to make. This halwa can be served for any special occasion or festival and can be easily […]

Sugar adhirasam
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Sugar adhirasam, Sugar Ariselu recipe, Adhirasam with sugar

Sugar adhirasam/ Ariselu is a delicious fried indian sweet usually prepared during festivals like diwali. Adhirasam is often considered as complex sweet, as it gets little tricky while making ball consistency sugar syrup, and this plays key role in making this sweet. Sugar adhirasam ingredients and making is same as […]

Oats ladoo
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Oats ladoo recipe, Instant Oats Laddu, Ladoo recipes

Oats ladoo is a healthy and delicious ladoo prepared with roasted oats, nuts and jaggery. Oats ladoo packed with nutrition is very easy to make and involves only handful ingredients in its making. This ladoo can be made for festivals like diwali and can be easily prepared even by beginners. […]