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Cabbage chutney
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Cabbage chutney recipe, Muttaikose chutney recipe

Cabbage chutney is a spicy and yummy tasting chutney prepared by grinding sauteed cabbage, dal, red chili and tamarind. Cabbage chutney though different from the regular chutney in taste its making is very simple and easy, also it holds only handful ingredients in its making. This chutney can be used […]

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Cabbage payasam, Muttaikose payasam, Cabbage kheer recipe

Cabbage payasam/kheer is a yummy recipe where cabbage is cooked in milk. This is such an easy and healthy recipe and got to know about it from my mom. My mom often makes this payasam on special occasions over the regular payasam. You can make this with two consistency thick […]