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Aval kesari recipe, Poha kesari, How to make aval kesari, Gokulashtami recipes

Aval kesari is simple sweet recipe prepared by grinding aval/poha into fine rava. This kesari is usually prepared during festivals commonly for krishna jayanthi and I am a big fan of aval ladoo and aval kesari and prefer this over rava kesari. So lets get to the making!  

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Bread halwa, How to make bread halwa, Instant halwa recipes

Bread halwa is and easy and rich in taste where every spoon will have flavor of ghee fried bread. It is prepared by frying bread in ghee then allowing it to boil in milk and then enhancing its flavors by adding nuts powder. Mouth watering right! So lets get got […]

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Wheat flour halwa, Atta halwa, Godhumai halwa recipe

Wheat flour halwa is a sweet recipe made with wheat flour as the name suggests and can be prepared in 10 minutes. This recipe has only 4 ingredients in its making and is the most easiest and quickest halwa that I love to make for my family and the credit […]

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Pidi kozhukattai recipe, Kozhukattai, How to make pidi kozhukattai

Pidi kozhukattai is such an easy and tasty sweet recipe which is usually prepared for Indian festivals. This recipe contains only handful ingredients in its making and can be easily attempted by beginners also. I usually prefer making this pidi kozhukattai over regular ones as this recipe has never failed […]

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Coconut poli, Thengai poli, Sweet Bobbatlu, How to make thengai poli

Coconut poli/ bobbatlu is a sweet recipe with coconut stuffing prepared usually during festivals in India. I like the poli /bobbatlu when they are really soft so for this recipe i added few drops of oil  to soak the dough for extra softness and  flattened the poli /bobbatlu with fingers […]

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Chapati ladoo recipe, How to make chapati ladoo

Chapati ladoos are prepared using leftover chapatis. It is very easy to make and has only 4 ingredients in its making. I learnt this recipe from my mother in law and now whenever I have leftover chapati at home this is one among the ways in which they can be […]

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Poha ladoo recipe, Aval ladoo, Atukula laddu

Poha ladoo/ Aval ladoo/ Atukula laddu is made out of flattened rice which is popular both in South and North India. The most delicious and easy sweet recipe that I prepared with poha is this  ladoo and this was my Friday prashadam for god.  I have been preparing a lot […]

sweet rotta recipe
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Sweet rotta recipe, How to make sweet rotta

Sweet rotta is a simple sweet recipe originating from Arya Vysya community. It requires little pre preparation but after that it can be prepared in 10 minutes with basic ingredients. This recipe is rarely prepared at home as it is sweet variety. So lets get started.