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eggless chocolate cake
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Eggless chocolate cake recipe, Easy eggless chocolate cake

Eggless chocolate cake is a soft, moist and fluffy cake prepared in simple way with basic ingredients without making use of any hand blender or any technique making it a beginner friendly recipe. This eggless chocolate cake is one such quick  and easy recipe that like to make for my […]

ghee cookies
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Eggless Ghee biscuits, Eggless Ghee cookies, 3 ingredient cookies recipe

Eggless Ghee biscuits/ Ghee cookies are delicious, aromatic, crunchy and melt in mouth cookies/ biscuits that are super easy to make because it is made with just 3 INGREDIENTS. Yes you heard it right! A very quick to make biscuit/cookie which involves only 5 minutes preparation time and 15 minutes […]

ice cream bread
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Ice cream bread recipe, Ice cream cake recipe, Ice cream bread with 2 ingredients

So what is this? A cake or ice cream or bread? Will it be cold? How will it taste? Well its all three in one! Ice cream bread/ Ice cream cake is a super soft and spongy bread/cake that is made with just 2 ingredients and the key ingredient will […]

egg puffs
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Egg puffs, Egg puffs with homemade puff pastry sheet, Easy egg puffs

Egg puffs is a very crispy and flaky snack where spicy egg mixture is wrapped with pastry sheet and baked to perfection. Egg puffs are very popular bakery snack in India which has its unique texture and taste. I started making my own puffs with homemade pastry sheets since the […]

puff pastry sheets
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Puff pastry sheets in 15 minutes, Homemade puff pastry sheet

Puff pastry sheets are thin, light and tender sheets that can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes both sweet and savory. These pastry sheets turn super flaky with lot of layers into golden brown color when baked and also emits a very buttery aroma that anyone will […]

chocolate avocado cookie
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Chocolate Avocado Cookies Recipe, Eggless Chocolate cookies (with video)

Chocolate avocado cookies are super delicious, easy and healthy cookies with flavors of chocolate and avocado in it. These eggless cookies will look just like the regular chocolate cookies and will not have any hint of avocado present in it. These cookies with crispy, little crinkly top and with little […]

coconut bun
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Dilkush recipe, Dilpasand, Coconut bun recipe

Dilkush/ Dilpasand/ Coconut Bun is an extremely delicious bakery style sweet buns stuffed with coconut flakes, tutti frutti and ghee fried cashews. These buns are super easy to make and requires very few ingredients that you can easily pull out of your kitchen. These soft buns are eggless buns and […]

khara bun
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Masala buns recipe, Khara buns, Mini savory buns recipe

Masala buns/ Khara buns are bakery style mini savory buns with lots of flavors and mild spiciness is an excellent tea time snack. Masala buns are prepared by adding chopped onion, ginger, garlic, cilantro and few other spices to add to its taste. Adding yeast while kneading the dough gives […]

baked onion samosa
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Baked onion samosa recipe, Irani samosa, Onion samosa (with video)

Baked onion samosa/ Irani samosa is a mini sized excellent savory snack filled with spicy onion mixture is usually served along with hot tea/ chai. Baked onion samosa is a healthy version of the regular onion samosa as only a tbsp of oil is used in its preparation. So to […]

checkerboard cookies
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Eggless Checkerboard cookies recipe, Checkerboard cookies

Eggless checkerboard cookies are beautiful looking buttery and light cookies comprising of both vanilla and chocolate flavor in one cookie and alternating flavors in every bite. These checkerboard cookies are super easy to make and requires just 5 simple ingredients that you can easily pull out of your kitchen. These […]