apple cake

Apple cake recipe, Bakery style apple cake

Apple cake is a delicious and quick to make round shaped cake made with leftover chocolate cake and desiccated coconut popularly sold in Indian Bakery. This cake has no connection with apples but just carries its name, yes this apple cake is made with leftover chocolate cake crumbles in bakery which is transformed into yummy output. This apple cake is one of my favorites and missed having this, until I got to know about this recipe from my friend’s aunt. In bakery they sell this apple cake little bigger in size but i made it little small for my family so you can make it bigger too.

This recipe needs only 4 ingredients for its making, requires no baking and the maximum time consumed for its making will be 8 to 10 minutes. Yes its that simple. So next time when you bake cakes and have any leftovers do try this recipe and the leftovers will finish in no time. So this apple cake is made only with chocolate cake/ cupcake even small quantity leftovers will do the job. So when deliciousness can be achieved in simple and easy form why think twice?The sugar syrup and desiccated coconut quantity mentioned might differ according to the quantity of cake leftover so alter accordingly. This apple cake stays very fresh for a day and the next day depends on various factors. So lets get to the making!
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apple cake


  • Chocolate cake/ cupcake- 2 cups
  • Sugar – ¼ cup
  • Water – ½ cup
  • Desiccated coconut – 1/3 cup

apple cake


* 1 cup = 160 ml

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bakery apple cake

How to make apple cake with step by step images

apple cake

  1. In a pan add water and sugar. Mix well and allow it boil till sugar has completely dissolved. When the sugar has dissolved put off the flame and allow the syrup to cool down completely. Keep the desiccated coconut ready in a plate as it will be easy to roll the balls.
    apple cake
  2. Crumble the leftover cake and keep it aside. Now slowly add the sugar syrup and mix well until you a soft dough. Now pinch a small or pinch portion of the chocolate dough, roll between the palms into round shape.
    apple cake
  3. Now coat the chocolate ball immediately in desiccated coconut and keep it aside. Repeat the whole process till all the dough is complete. Serve the apple cake and store remaining in refrigerator and use it. This apple cake stays good for a day or two when maintained well.
    apple cake



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