tamarind chutney

Tamarind chutney, Sonth chutney recipe

Tamarind chutney/ Sonth chutney/ Saunth chutney is a classic sweet and tangy side accompany for many snacks also used in chaat items. This chutney is made by grinding soaked tamarind into paste and then boiled along with jaggery and few spices to add to its flavors and taste. This chutney recipe is super easy to make at home and can be stored for 2 to 3 days in refrigerator. This tamarind chutney does not have dates in the making and also I used whole cumin as tempering as we like it that way which can be replaced with cumin powder just like traditional recipe. So lets get to the making!
tamarind chutney

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  • Tamarind – medium sized ball
  • Water – ½ cup
  • Jaggery – 1 tsp
  • Red chilli powder – ¼ tsp
  • Black pepper – ¼ tsp
  • Cumin seeds – ¼ tsp
  • Oil – ½ tsp


* 1 cup = 160 ml

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tamarind chutney

How to make Imli chutney with step by step images

tamarind chutney

  1. Soak tamarind in ½ cup water for 1 hour (If you have less time you can boil tamarind in ½ cup water in medium flame for 10 minutes until soft, allow it to cool down and then grind it). Add the mixture to the blender along with water and grind it into fine paste.
    imli chutney
  2. Heat oil in a small pan add cumin seeds, after it splutters add ground tamarind paste and mix well.
    tamarind chutney
  3. Now add jaggery, red chilli powder and black pepper powder. I added ¼ cup water as well as my mixture was little thick. Mix well and allow the mixture to boil in low flame for about 5 minutes.
    imli chutney
  4. When the mixture thickens put off the flame and allow it to cool down. Serve or use it for chat items of your choice!
    tamarind chutney


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