Peanut chutney

Peanut chutney recipe, Groundnut chutney

Peanut chutney is a mild spicy, garlicky, little tangy and flavorful chutney prepared in a very simple and quick way with very few ingredients and served with idli and dosa. Peanut chutney can be prepared with or without coconut but I usually choose to prepare it without coconut as its my hubby’s all time favorite chutney and also the below recipe yields more tasty chutney than the one with coconut. For the below recipe I used peanuts without skin (blanched) but it can be prepared with peanuts with skin too. When using peanuts with skin after dry roasting make sure to remove the skin before grinding. This peanut chutney is a most requested recipe and I wanted to post it without any delay. So lets get to the making!
Peanut chutney

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  • Peanut – ¾ cup
  • Onion – 1
  • Tamarind – small gooseberry size
  • Garlic – 1 pearl
  • Dried red chilli – 2
  • Salt – to taste
  • Oil – 1 tsp

Ingredients For tempering

  • Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
  • Urad dal – 1 tsp
  • Curry leaves – a spring
  • Hing – a pinch
  • Oil – 1 tsp

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Peanut chutney

How to make Peanut chutney with step by step images

Peanut chutney

  1. In a pan dry roast peanuts in medium flame until aromatic. Transfer it to a plate/ bowl and cool down.
    Peanut chutney
  2. Now in the same pan heat oil, add roughly chopped onion, garlic and dried red chilli. Saute well until aromatic then add tamarind piece in it. Saute for a minute and put off the flame. Add it to the peanuts and allow the mixture to cool down.
    Peanut chutney
  3. In a blender transfer the cooled ingredients and add salt. Now grind it into fine paste using little water. ( I used around ½ cup water). Now transfer the ground chutney into a bowl.
    Peanut chutney
  4. Heat oil in a small pan, add mustard seeds, when it splutters add urad dal, when it turns golden brown add curry leaves and hing. Put off the flame and pour the tempering over the ground chutney and mix well it. Serve it with hot idli or dosa!
    Peanut chutney



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