vermicelli omelet

Vermicelli omelet recipe, How to make vermicelli omlete

Vermicelli omelet recipe serves as an excellent breakfast and can be prepared in no time with basic ingredients. If there are vermicelli and omelet lovers out there like my husband this will be the best dish for your taste buds as it comprises of spiciness, crunchiness, creaminess of cheese and most of all a very healthy and nutritious dish too. In this recipe i  used the capsicum that i harvested in my patio. So let’s get started!


  • Vermicelli/ semiya – 1/4th cup
  • Onions – 1/2 cup  chopped
  • Tomato – 1/2 cup chopped
  • Green chili – 1 no
  • Capsicum – 1/4th cup chopped
  • Eggs – 2
  • Cheese -1 slice
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Oil -1 tsp

How to make Vermicelli omelet with step by step images


  1. Add roasted vermicelli and  1/2 cup water in a bowl and place it in the microwave for 1 minute. If it is not done you can keep it for 1 more minute. You can boil the same in stove also.Vermicelli Omelet
  2. Chop the onions, tomatoes, capsicum and green chili and add it to a hot pan with oil and saute till they are done. Now add cooked vermicelli to it and add salt and pepper to it.IMG_3635
  3. Now pour the beaten eggs on to the pan and cook till one side is done. Flip the omelet carefully to other side and spread cheese of your favorite choice in the center and transfer it to a plate.
  4. It tastes better when served hot!


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