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oats halwa
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Oats halwa recipe, Instant halwa recipes

Oats halwa is a healthy and delicious recipe where ghee roasted oats is cooked in milk. This halwa is very easy to make and takes only 15 minutes to prepare. So this halwa is suitable to full fill any sudden sweet cravings or can be prepared for festivals too. Sugar […]

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2 Minute Microwave Brownie, Instant brownie recipe

Brownie is a baked dessert with crispy top layer,  goey or soft interior comes in lot of varieties. 2 minute brownie is an instant and egg less recipe for single serving. This is the best way to make brownie for a single person when you have least number of brownie […]

Semiya Ice

Vermicelli popsicle, Semiya Ice recipe

Vermicelli popsicle / Semiya Ice is a yummy tasting popsicle with just 4 ingredients is prepared by cooking vermicelli in sweetened milk, which is refrigerated and served. This popsicle is my hubby’s favorite childhood popsicle and I made it today after a very long time, say years. This popsicle is […]

chocolate chip cookie
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1 minute chocolate chip cookie, Instant microwave cookie

Cookie also known as biscuit is a baked good that comes in different shapes, sizes and flavors. 1 minute chocolate chip cookie is a giant sized cookie prepared in microwave with just 6 basic ingredients for single serving. This is an instant cookie recipe and takes only 5 minutes to […]

Bread gulab jamun
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Bread gulab jamun, Easy gulab jamun recipe

Bread gulab jamun is an easy and instant fried sweet recipe where balls made out of bread dough are fried in oil and then soaked in sugar syrup. I prepared this recipe for the very first time last year when we received our own house key as i wished to […]

China grass pudding
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China grass pudding, Agar Agar pudding recipe

Agar Agar known as China grass in India is a dried crispy vegetable gelatin used for making pudding, jelly and custards. China grass pudding has glossy appearance and feels like jelly. China grass is prepared by adding melted agar agar mixture in boiled sweet milk then allowing it to set […]

tutti frutti cake
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Tutti frutti cake, How to make eggless tutti frutti cake

Tutti frutti are colorful combination of fruit chopped into small cubes usually used in cake and ice cream. Tutti fruity cake is an eggless recipe made with condensed milk, all purpose flour and other regular cake ingredients combined together and baked to perfection. This cake recipe is easy to make […]

paal poli recipe,paal poori sweet recipe,milk poli,fesival recipes,paal poori recipe in tamil,paal poli with rava
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Paal poli, Milk poli recipe, How to make paal poli

Paal poli is a delicious and rich sweet recipe prepared by drenching fried maida poori in milk mixture. Paal poli is my favorite sweet recipe since childhood and is made often during my birthdays at home. I am glad that got an opportunity to share this age old recipe (grandma’s […]

donut recipe
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Donut recipe, Doughnut recipe, How to make Donut

Donut is a fried dessert food which can be prepared easily at home or store brought. It is made out of all purpose flour and comes in different shapes and sizes and also with variety of toppings and colors as well. The most popular donut shapes are round. This recipe […]