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gongura pachadi recipe
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Gongura pachadi recipe, Gongura pickle

Gongura pachadi / Gongura pickle is an authentic and delicious pickle/ thokku/ chutney popularly made in ANDHRA PRADESH. This tangy, spicy and flavorful pachadi is a must have dish in our house/ all houses in Andhra as it tastes great when mixed with hot rice and can also relished by […]

instant tomato pickle recipe, tomato pickle, thakkali urugai
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Instant tomato pickle, Tomato pachadi, Thakkali urugai

Instant tomato pickle/ Tomato pachadi/ Tomato achar is a bright red colored spicy and flavorful pickle that can be easily made at home with available ingredients. It might confuse you guys why did I suddenly make pickle, but I was compelled to make as I had too much harvest of […]

shrimp pickle
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Prawn pickle recipe, Shrimp pickle, Homemade prawn pickle recipe

Prawn pickle/ Shrimp pickle is a spicy, little tangy and flavorful pickle that takes just 20 minutes to prepare with very simple ingredients available in the pantry. Homemade Prawn pickle are much healthier and tastier than the store bought ones as we know what goes in and the spiciness and […]

Brinjal pickle
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Instant Brinjal pickle recipe, Pickle recipes, Instant recipes (with video)

Brinjal pickle is instant recipe prepared by pickling fried brinjal cubes. Though this pickle is instant, its flavors and taste are much appetizing than the regular pickles that we make at home. Adding lemon juice and ground mustard fenugreek powder enhances the taste of this pickle. I got to know […]