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Idli vada sambar, Indian breakfast menu #7

Idli vada sambar is a delicious breakfast platter that is usually prepared during special days or festivals or during weekends. I prepared this platter this week and I thought why not post it in the blog. This platter can be made made more delicious with chutney and a super hot filter coffee. Since this platter is a well known recipe without much of explanation or boring stories you hop on to the recipes below:

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  1. I ground the batter the before day as fresh batter yields soft idli. I made the vada batter the previous day evening and stored in refrigerator.
  2. In the morning I first made sambar, then while the idli was steaming I made vada. Hence everything was done simultaneously and was served hot as well! These are just ideas and hint as to how I prepared, it does not have to be followed as you can prepare it in a way comfortable for you!
    idli vada sambar

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