Idli, chutney, sambar

Idli, chutney, sambar, Indian breakfast menu #6

So here is another breakfast idea that is most popular and very common in most of the South Indian houses. Yes idli with chutney and sambar is heavenly combo that is tummy filling and tasty to eat as well. This simple breakfast is one such easy to make recipe if you have idli batter at home. Not all times our idli turns soft and spongy like the idli made with fresh batter. In today’s menu we have kushboo idli/ malligai idli so made onion tomato chutney as it goes great with it but you can make any chutney of your choice. I prepared this idli just like normal instead of using cloth method as it was working day also I don’t make much of fancy breakfast everyday because everyone is rushing for work in the weekdays so this simple breakfast menu can be a handy one for your weekday as well. If you are a working women you can use the same sambar for lunch as well. So for this menu I made kushboo idli/ malligai idli which can be replaced with regular idli as well, onion tomato chutney, simple shallots sambar which can be replaced with tiffin sambar or even instant sambar according to your liking. The recipes can be found in the below link:

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  1. For this menu I soaked rice, urad dal and sago in the morning made batter in the evening and left for fermentation overnight. Made idlis with fermented batter the next day morning.
  2. First I pressure cooked toor dal for sambar, simultaneously started sauteeing onion tomatoes for chutney.
  3. When sambar was boiling made chutney ready. Finally steamed idlis hot just before serving. These are just guidelines and need not be followed the same way.
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