Chapati cutlet

Chapati cutlet recipe, How to make Chapati cutlet

Chapati cutlet is a delicious and super easy snack made with leftover chapati. Chapati cutlet is prepared by combining ground chapati powder, carrot, corn and potato, then shaped into patty and pan fried. Again this is one of my handy recipe after chapati ladoo to finish leftover chapati at home as they are yummy and healthy too. For this recipe I have chosen veggies of my choice, you can alter it according to your choice. So lets quickly get into the making!

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  • Chapati – 3
  • Boiled and peeled potato – 1
  • Grated Carrot – ½ cup
  • Cooked corn – ¼ cup
  • Chopped green chili – 2
  • Salt – as needed
  • Maida – ½ cup
  • Water – to make maida paste
  • Bread slices- 3
  • Oil for pan frying

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How to make Chapati cutlet with step by step images

Chapati cutlet

  1. In a blender add bread pieces and grind it into crumbs and transfer it to a plate.
    Chapati cutlet
  2. In a small bowl add maida, pour water gradually in it to form a paste.
    Chapati cutlet
  3. In a blender add chapati pieces and grind it into fine powder.
    Chapati cutlet
  4. In a bowl mash the potatoes with a masher. Now add ground chapati powder, grated carrot, corn, green chili and salt.
    Chapati cutlet
  5. Mix well. Now take small portion of chapati mixture and make it into round shape and flatten it very little with your palm to get cutlet shape.
    Chapati cutlet
  6. Now dip the flattened cutlet mixture gently in maida and coat it well. Now transfer the maida coated cutlet on to the bread crumbs plate and coat it well. Repeat the process till you finish the whole chapati mixture.
    Chapati cutlet
  7. Heat oil in a pan and place cutlets gently one by one. Fry them in medium flame to get even coloring. When you see the sides browning flip it gently and fry till done. Now transfer it to a plate with paper towel to drain excess oil. Serve it hot with ketchup.
    chapati cutlet


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