How to grow bell pepper at home

Bell peppers are warm seasoned crops and known for their flavors and crunchiness hence they are used in lot of dishes and cuisines . They can be eaten raw or cooked and are loaded with lot of nutrients and rich in vitamin C. They also come in lot of colors and varieties.

how to grow bell pepper

  1. Use a good potting mix to plant your capsicum plant
  2. Leave about 50cm – 60 cm between your capsicums when planting.
  3. They require full sun. Position them in hottest part of your veggie patch.
  4. Plant capsicum basil , parsely and tomato.
  5. Water them regularly but make sure you don’t soak the soil.
  6. Use seaweed fertilizers every 3 – 4 weeks .
  7. Peppers mature in 60- 90 days.
  8. Peppers are initially green and as they mature they turn yellow, red and orange. Harvest according tour taste and preference
  9. Frequent harvesting increases yields.
  10. As the plant matures proper staking is required..
  11. Capsicums are often damaged
  12. Capsicums are susceptible to blossom end rot and fruit fly. Organic pesticides can help control pest.

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