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Watermelon seeds burfi recipe, Easy watermelon seed burfi

Watermelon seed burfi is a new and interesting sweet recipe that I am happy to introduce in my blog as it is a sweet fudge that no one has ever heard or tasted it. This watermelon seed burfi is not only new it is very easy to make and involves […]

javvarisi payasam
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Javvarisi Payasam recipe, Sago Kheer, Sabudana Kheer

Javvarisi payasam/Sago kheer is a very easy, simple and delicious recipe that can be prepared for festivals or as prasadham on friday. This yummy tasting payasam/ kheer requires few simple ingredients that we usually use in making payasam. Javvarisi payasam/ sago kheer is one of my favorite recipe that usually […]

Sweet potato poli
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Sweet potato poli recipe, Sweet potato Bobbatlu

Sweet potato poli/ bobbatlu/ holige is a very delicious stuffed treat which can be made during festivals like ugadi. Sweet potato poli is a very healthy and tasty recipe where the sugar quantity is least as all the sweetness comes from sweet potato. Sweet potato poli is prepared by stuffing […]

Aval payasam
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Aval payasam recipe, Rice flakes payasam recipe

Aval payasam / Rice flakes payasam is one such easy payasam recipes that I love to make during festivals or special occasion as it has only few ingredients in its making, is very quick to make and at the same time tasty as well. Aval payasam is prepared by boiling […]

sweet poha
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Sweet poha recipe, How to make sweet poha

Sweet poha is a very easy to make and delicious recipe made during festivals. It is prepared by adding soaked poha in  jaggery mixture and cooked till dry. Adding desiccated coconut enhances the taste and flavor of this dish. I remember my mom making this recipe for Krishna Jayanti and […]

black urad dal vada recipe, vada recipes,urad dal recipes,vinayaga chathurthi recipes,
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Black urad dal vada, Karuppu ulundu vadai, How to make urad dal vada

Black urad dal vada is prepared by grinding soaked black urad dal in blender and then frying them in oil after shaping them. This vada has crispy outside and soft inside. I got to know about this recipe from my neighbor cum friend and I was so surprised to see […]

paruppu poli, puran poli
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Paruppu poli, Puran poli recipe, Sweet recipes

Paruppu poli/ Bobbatlu/Puran poli is a delicious flattened stuffed sweet recipe prepared by stuffing dal jaggery mixture in flattened dough and cooked on tawa using ghee. Puran poli is usually prepared during Indian festival but it can be served as evening snack as well. I usually don’t use rolling pin to […]

paal poli recipe,paal poori sweet recipe,milk poli,fesival recipes,paal poori recipe in tamil,paal poli with rava
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Paal poli, Milk poli recipe, How to make paal poli

Paal poli is a delicious and rich sweet recipe prepared by drenching fried maida poori in milk mixture. Paal poli is my favorite sweet recipe since childhood and is made often during my birthdays at home. I am glad that got an opportunity to share this age old recipe (grandma’s […]

ribbon murukku
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Ribbon pakoda recipe, Nada Karasu, How to make ribbon pakoda

Ribbon pakoda/ Nada karasu/ Ribbon murukku  is a delicious and crunchy munchy snack made during festivals is very easy to prepare and does not involve any grinding, roasting and pre preparation in its making. Ribbon pakoda prepared with rice flour and besan is a beginner friendly recipe as it involves […]

payasam,pal payasam,milk payasam,kose payasam,muttaikose payasam,milk sweets,south indian sweets,cabbage kheer,muttaikise keer,payasam,kheer,festival payasam,sweet payasam,healthy payasam,vegetable payasam,almond,grated cabbage,cabbage,muttaikose, kheer sweet,sweet kheer,Cabbage payasam,Muttaikose payasam
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Cabbage payasam, Muttaikose payasam, Cabbage kheer recipe

Cabbage payasam/kheer is a yummy recipe where cabbage is cooked in milk. This is such an easy and healthy recipe and got to know about it from my mom. My mom often makes this payasam on special occasions over the regular payasam. You can make this with two consistency thick […]