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Baby potato biryani recipe, How to make baby potato biryani


 Baby potato biryani is a variation from regular biryani in its taste. Its easy to prepare and hassle free recipe. I used frozen baby potatoes in this recipe as I couldn’t get hold of fresh ones in the store. This recipe is a sure divine for potato lovers so without […]

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Bhindi fry, Okra fry recipe, How to make vendakkai fry


 This bhindi fry recipe is simple to make and  can be used as side accompany with sambar and rice or can be mixed in hot rice. This recipe is more tastier than the regular one as the bhindi will be cooked in oil without adding water. I have used onions […]

Pepper chicken kuzhambu
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Pepper chicken kuzhambu recipe, How to make kodi pulusu


 Pepper chicken kuzhambu simple and very easy recipe with basic ingredients from the pantry and can be cooked in very less time. As the name suggests the key ingredient in this recipe is pepper which gives distinct flavor, color and taste to the gravy. I prefer using freshly ground pepper […]

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Egg kuzhambu, Muttai kuzhambu recipe, How to make guddu pulusu


 Egg kuzhambu is very easy to prepare and it can be used to accompany a lot of main dishes. This recipe does not include tomato in its making but requires little pre preparation but the end results will be taste worthy. The key ingredient in this gravy is coconut and […]

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Lemon rasam recipe, Nimmakaya charu, How to make lemon charu


 Lemon rasam/charu is a must have recipe in my monthly cooking during summer as it is infused with tangy lemon flavor. This rasam is prepared using toor dal so i usually pressure cook little extra dal while making sambar so that i can make this delicious rasam. It is different […]

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Pesto pasta recipe, How to make pesto pasta


 Pesto pasta is packed with full of healthy ingredients and is also rich in color and taste. It requires preparation of pesto which is prepared by grinding spinach, walnut and other ingredients in which the pasta will be tossed. I prepared this recipe using spinach  and mushroom but it can […]

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Paneer kabab recipe, How to make paneer kabab


 Kababs are cooked in skewers with meat and veggies usually on grill or barbecue. But for this recipe I chose very simple method making it easy for everyone to give it a try. I replaced skewers with toothpicks so that it can be consumed in a bite and I prepared […]

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Peanut butter cookie recipe


 Peanut butter cookie is a simple, easy and quick recipe and can be prepared without any hassle. I always love to surprise my husband with new recipes when he gets back home. As he is so addictive to peanut butter I decided to surprise him with cookies made with peanut […]

Spinach Alfredo pasta
Intercontinental recipes, Pasta/ Noodles Recipes, Recipes

Spinach Alfredo pasta recipe


 I always consider spinach to be the most healthiest food and incorporate in our diet in various forms. But the most delicious pasta variety prepared with spinach is this creamy, cheesy, garlicky Alfredo pasta. It can be prepared with any pasta variety and shape. It is easy to prepare and […]

oats uthappam
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Oats uthappam recipe, How to make oats uthappam, Oats recipes


 Oats Uthappam is an indian pancake cooked with batter and chopped veggies as toppings cooked in batter. It is best known for its soft spongy texture and size. Oats is very healthy and is a must in our diet for its goodness and health benefits. Though I don’t like oats […]