How to grow eggplant at home

Eggplant a glossy purple vegetable with meaty white texture and with spiky skin belongs to nightshade family. They are known as eggplant in North America and Australia and brinjal as south Asia and south Africa. They grow in different sizes, variety of colors and shapes but the commonly grown in purple color and are widely used in cooking around the world. They are suitable to grow in pots, raised beds and even on ground. So lets get to know about their growing and harvest!

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How to grow eggplant

  1. Eggplants are warm seasoned crop so plant them in warm and moist soil fed with organic matter worked in it. They grow best when planted in warm and sunny location.
  2. The spacing between plants should be 18- 24 inch as they grow tall and angular
  3. A constant and steady supply of water is required for healthy growing of the plant. They require moist soil and not a soggy one. Consider using drip irrigation system.
  4. Eggplants are heavy feeders so fertilize them adequately during the growing season and they love to be bathed in epsom salt.
  5. Eggplants produce purple flowers with yellow stamens. They are often bee pollinated but hand pollination works as well (A gentle shake of flower).
  6. Once the flowers dry out they eventually become eggplant.
  7. As the plant start bearing eggplant they get heavier and tend to fall over hence staking or caging helps keep them upright.
  8. Harvest them when they are still glossy, ripe and has stopped growing large. Unripe eggplant tastes bitter. Continuous harvest help prolong production.

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