how to grow summer squash at home

How to grow summer squash at home

Summer squash is a warm seasoned crop that originates from Mexico and central America is very popular among home gardeners as they are very easy to grow. Summer squashes have fatter bottoms and tapper towards neck with slightly bumpy thin skin and white flesh inner with seeds. They taste similar to zucchini and can be used to make both sweet and savory dishes. When they are picked young and tender they taste even better. So lets learn about their growing and harvest!

How to grow summer squash

  1. Plant summer squash in warm and well drained soil with organic matter worked in it.
  2. They are best to grow in raised bed or large pots as they are prolific.
  3. They require full sun as it helps in setting fruit.
  4. Water them regularly and deeply to get quality fruit as they prefer moist soil.
  5. Their companion plants are bush beans and peas.

    how to grow summer squash at home
    Summer squash flower
  6. They contain both female and male flowers separately. The male flowers set first and female flowers are fruit bearers. They are often pollinated by bees and other insects. They can be hand pollinated as well ( gentle shake of flowers with hand or paintbrush).
  7. It takes up to 50 days to mature.

    how to grow summer squash at home
    Summer squash harvest
  8. Harvest summer squash when they are still immature and 6 inch long as growing them bigger will be done only at the expense of its taste and quality.
  9. Harvest them from the plants only with the help of knife with stem just one inch above the squash as you can rip of their vines.
  10. Continuous harvest will help prolong production.




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