How to grow spinach at home

Spinach a leafy green vegetable crop is a real spring treat as they are cool seasoned crop. They need to be consumed on a regular basis either raw or cooked as they are packed with lot of nutrients and is the most healthiest food on planet. They are good to make salads, green juice, curry and lot more. Though they are fast growing plants and produce lush leaves they are short lived depending on the climate.

How to grow spinach

  1. Plant them in spring or before the last frost in spring as they are little frost tolerant.
  2. They require well drained soil and nitrogen rich soil.
  3. They grow well in full sun but when placed in partial sun also they produce decent amount of yield.
  4. They are happy plants and produce tender leaves when fed with fertilizer as they are heavy feeders. Fertilize them every 2 to 3 weeks.
  5. Water them adequately.
  6. Harvest them by pinching the leaves as needed. Continuous harvest will help prolong production.
  7. Aphids and spider mites are common problems for spinach in garden.

Our harvest

Common problems faced


  1. They produce bolt when placed directly in sun during summer.
  2. The leaves taste bitter when they start bolting. So i pulled them off and planted new spinach.
  3. Their leaves turn yellow due to deficiency in nutrients.


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