cherry tomato

How to grow cherry tomato at home

Cherry tomatoes are pearl shaped, juicy, tangy and sweet. Cherry tomatoes come in lot colors and lot of varieties.They can be consumed either raw or cooked. They serve as toppings for salads and are great snackers and summer treat for both adult and kids. The 2 key points to grow a healthy and happy tomato plants are water and food.

How to grow cherry tomato

  1. Plant them in spring after the danger of frost has passed as it kills the plant. Tomatoes are big plants with deep roots so plant them in big pots or directly in soil because small pots will stunt its growth.
  2. They require well drained and nutrient rich soil.
  3. They require full sun at least 6 hours of direct sun.
  4. Water them regularly as they need to be watered 2 times a day. Make sure not to make the soil soggy.
  5. Tomatoes are heavy feeder so fertilize them every 2 weeks. A seaweed fertilizer should help. ( I use aspirin for my plants and they work really well).
  6. They produce yellow flowers that eventually turns into tomato. These flowers are wind pollinators and are sometimes pollinated by bees. You can hand pollinate them if they are not pollinated.( gentle shake will help flowers to distribute pollen)
  7. Tomatoes require proper stacking or a tomato cage might be useful as they become heavier when bearing fruits. Staking or caging should be done before they get bigger.
  8. It takes 65 days to mature.
  9. Pinch them off the plant when red. The more riper the more easy it is  to pull them from the plant.
  10. Blossom rot is a common problem when the plants are potted.

cherry tomato
Our harvest
cherry tomato flower
Tomato flower



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