How to grow beans at home

Beans a crop that can be easily grown in home garden with by sowing seeds  directly in the soil outside or by planting them. Beans are 7 inch long and compared to the thickness of a pencil is cooked in lot of cuisines for its taste and crunchiness. Pole beans are tender and meaty pods on vigorous plants. The below description is about Kentucky wonder pole beans grown at our home.

How to grow beans

  1. Plant the beans after the frost has passed or in early spring. Leave 2-4 inch spacing between plants.
  2. Bean plants prefer rich, well drained soil.Be sure to keep the soil moist.
  3. Since beans are warm season crop, select a sunny place in your veggie patch to plant the beans.
  4. Pole beans need support structure at least 6 feet height and wines can grow 5 to 10 feet long.
  5. Beans are light feeders so they don’t require much fertilizers. Do not use high amounts of nitrogen as it will lead to lush leafy growth at the expense of beans.
  6. Beans produce self pollinating flowers. So there is no worry about their pollination.
  7. Water the plants regularly from start to pod.
  8. It may take up to 60 – 65 days to mature.

    Harvesting beans
  9. Harvest the beans once they start maturing to help prolong production. Harvest the beans by gently pulling each bean from the wine. You will be able to harvest a lot of beans throughout the growing season until the frost approaches.
  10. Control slugs and snails using pesticides.

IMG_5411 (1)
Our harvest
beans harvest
Fresh, meaty, tender beans



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