spring onion

How to grow spring onion/ green onion at home

Spring onions have tender white stems with green stalks on top and are less pungent than any other onion variety hence can be consumed raw or cooked are known to garnish a variety of foods. They are very easy to grow as their requirements are so minimal and does not take much room in your garden. They can be grown either from seeds or from cutting of a store brought spring onion.

I chose the latter method to grow and has resulted me with optimum results.

How to regrow spring onion

  1. Cut the bottom of the store bought spring onions separating the green stalk and white bulb. Make sure that the white bulbs have roots in them.( If you don’t find them with roots place them in water near windowsill to produce roots)
  2. Planting should be done after the danger of frost has passed and also before strong summer.
  3. Plant them in well drained and loose soil.
  4. Dig a hole in your garden soil and place the bulb in it . The hole should be just enough to fit the bulb.
  5. The roots should face downward so the stalks can grow upward.
  6. Watering them is the their only requirement.

    spring onion
    Our harvest
  7. Harvest them when they are green and while the bulbs (bottom part) are still immature. They will regrow every time when u harvest the green stalks.

    spring onion
    Onion bolts when exposed to high temperature
  8. If you require bigger white bulbs / mature onions to be produced you can let them grow for longer time. But meanwhile the plant produces bolts / flowers which you can chop so that the plant concentrates in growing  green stalk.
    spring onion
  9. When the white bulbs are fully formed and the green stalk turns brown harvest them by gently pulling it from the soil and wash the soil from it.

    spring onion
    Our harvest with mature onions


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