How to grow mint at home

Mints are flavorful culinary herb and are happy grow plant. It can be easily grown at home as its requirements are minimal. Mints grow to lush plant easily and can grow all round the year in warm climate. Mints come in 4 varieties namely spear mint, sweet mint, pepper mint and flavored mint. The commonly grown type is spearmint as it is known to cater a lot of cuisines with its strong flavors.

How to grow mint

  1. Mint prefers fertile and damp soil.
  2. They can be planted either in full sun or partial sun. As mint spreads vigorously and send out runners it can occupy huge area in your garden. So plant them in pots , containers or high raised bed.
  3. Their companion plants are cabbage
  4. They grow 18 – 24 inches in height.
  5. Mint tolerates both warm and cold climates.
  6. Mint appreciates when a little fertlizer is added to it.
  7. Water mint regularly as it requires moist soil.
  8. Harvesting mint leaves frequently will help prolong production.
  9. Harvest them by pinching off their leaves gently as you need them.

mint harvest
Our harvest


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