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Mango kulfi recipe, How to make mango kulfi

Mango kulfi is a delicious and lip smacking Indian ice cream adored by both kids and adults. Mango kulfi is a yellow colored fruity popsicle that is rich and creamy loaded with goodness of nuts is very easy to make with just few basic ingredients in its making. Mango and […]

Recipes, Summer Treat

Rose falooda popsicle, Falooda popsicle recipe

Rose falooda popsicle/ Falooda popsicle is a very tasty and easy to make popsicle that needs only handful ingredients in its making and also very less time to prepare. Rose falooda popsicle is nothing but tasting rose falooda in frozen form/ or in a popsicle. Yes the same taste is […]

Semiya Ice

Vermicelli popsicle, Semiya Ice recipe

Vermicelli popsicle / Semiya Ice is a yummy tasting popsicle with just 4 ingredients is prepared by cooking vermicelli in sweetened milk, which is refrigerated and served. This popsicle is my hubby’s favorite childhood popsicle and I made it today after a very long time, say years. This popsicle is […]

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Recipes, Summer Treat

Watermelon Popsicle recipe, How to make popsicles

Popsicles are frozen treat or snacks loved by kids and adults. They are made by pouring colored liquid in a mold with a stick placed in the center and frozen. Popsicle’s and juices are the best way to incorporate fruits in one’s diet during summer according to me. Imagine when […]