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instant wheat flour appam
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Instant wheat flour appam recipe, Instant sweet appam (with video)

Instant wheat flour appam is a super easy, yummy and healthy sweet recipe that can be prepared in no time with only few ingredients that you can easily pull out of your pantry. This instant appam is a great way to make use of overripe banana and also this appam […]

javvarisi payasam
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Javvarisi Payasam recipe, Sago Kheer, Sabudana Kheer

Javvarisi payasam/Sago kheer is a very easy, simple and delicious recipe that can be prepared for festivals or as prasadham on friday. This yummy tasting payasam/ kheer requires few simple ingredients that we usually use in making payasam. Javvarisi payasam/ sago kheer is one of my favorite recipe that usually […]

sakkarai pongal
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Sweet pongal recipe, Sakkarai pongal, Chakkara pongali

Sakkarai pongal/ Sweet pongal/ Chakkara pongali is a delicious sweet recipe popularly prepared in South India during festivals. Sweet pongal/ sakkarai pongal is prepared with rice, moong dal and jaggery. Adding ghee, cashews and raisins enhance the taste of this dish even more. Sweet pongal holds top priority along with […]

rava ladoo
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Rava ladoo recipe, How to make rava laddu

Rava ladoo/ Rava laddu is a very easy and delicious recipe that is usually prepared during festivals or any special occasion. Rava ladoo takes very less time to prepare and also involves only handful ingredients in its making so it can be made easily even by beginners. This ladoo recipe […]

Pori urundai
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Pori urundai recipe, Murmura ladoo recipe

Pori urundai/ Murmura ladoo is a sweet, crunchy and delicious recipe usually prepared during festivals like Kathikai Deepam. Though it involves only handful ingredients in its making it gets little tricky while making the jaggery syrup, which requires little patience, and at the very same time you will need to […]

carrot halwa
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Carrot halwa recipe, Gajar ka Halwa

Carrot halwa/ Gajar ka halwa is a very delicious Indian sweet prepared with grated carrots and milk acting as key ingredients. Carrot halwa/ Gajar ka halwa is one such easy and simple halwa that anyone can prepare easily at home using few simple ingredients available in one’s pantry. Carrot halwa […]

Aval payasam
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Aval payasam recipe, Rice flakes payasam recipe

Aval payasam / Rice flakes payasam is one such easy payasam recipes that I love to make during festivals or special occasion as it has only few ingredients in its making, is very quick to make and at the same time tasty as well. Aval payasam is prepared by boiling […]

maida halwa
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Maida halwa recipe, Instant halwa, Sweets Recipes

Maida halwa is one such quick and easy halwa recipes that I have learnt from my mom in law. Maida halwa is prepared with maida, sugar and ghee and takes only 15 minutes to make. This halwa can be served for any special occasion or festival and can be easily […]

sweet poha
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Sweet poha recipe, How to make sweet poha

Sweet poha is a very easy to make and delicious recipe made during festivals. It is prepared by adding soaked poha in  jaggery mixture and cooked till dry. Adding desiccated coconut enhances the taste and flavor of this dish. I remember my mom making this recipe for Krishna Jayanti and […]

rava payasam
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Rava payasam, Sooji kheer recipe

Rava payasam is a very easy, quick and delicious payasam with handful basic ingredients in its making. Rava payasam is prepared by boiling ghee roasted rava in milk and sugar then served. This payasam can be prepared for any occasion or festival and can be served hot or chilled. Rava […]