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Black urad dal vada, Karuppu ulundu vadai, How to make urad dal vada

Black urad dal vada is prepared by grinding soaked black urad dal in blender and then frying them in oil after shaping them. This vada has crispy outside and soft inside. I got to know about this recipe from my neighbor cum friend and I was so surprised to see […]

kara pidi kuzhukattai, pidi kuzhukattai, vinayaka chaturthi recipes,vinayagar chaturthi recipes
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Kara pidi kozhukattai, pidi kozhukattai, Ganesh chaturthi recipes

Kara pidi kuzhukattai is a spicy kozhukattai prepared by steaming the tempered rice flour dough shaped into kozhukattai. Kara pidi kozhukkatai is a simple and easy recipe and holds a special importance during ganesh chaturthi. Pidi kozhukkatai can be prepared in sweet version too. So lets get to the making! […]

paruppu poli, puran poli
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Paruppu poli, Puran poli recipe, Sweet recipes

Paruppu poli/ Bobbatlu/Puran poli is a delicious flattened stuffed sweet recipe prepared by stuffing dal jaggery mixture in flattened dough and cooked on tawa using ghee. Puran poli is usually prepared during Indian festival but it can be served as evening snack as well. I usually don’t use rolling pin to […]

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Palathalikalu recipe, How to make Palathalikalu, Ganesh Chaturthi recipes

Palathalikalu is a sweet recipe prepared by adding steamed rice flour noodles in boiling milk coconut mixture. Palathalikalu is usually prepared during shankranti, ganesh chathurthi and polala amavasya. This recipe involves grinding of coconut and cashews. Though this recipe involves lot of steps in its making it is very delicious […]

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Channa masala sundal, Kondakadalai sundal recipe, How to make chickpeas sundal

Channa masala sundal is prepared by cooking soaked channa then tossing it in freshly ground masala and enhanced with coconut and tempering. Channa sundal is easy to make and works well for lot of festivals. This recipe involves grinding of masala powder which is the key method in turning this […]

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Besan ladoo recipe, Besan laddu, How to make besan ladoo, Sweet recipes

Besan ladoo is an aromatic sweet recipe prepared by roasting besan in ghee and then molding them into ladoo. This recipe is easy to make but at the same time requires little patience while roasting besan which is the key step to tasty ladoo. This ladoo can be prepared during […]

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Cabbage payasam, Muttaikose payasam, Cabbage kheer recipe

Cabbage payasam/kheer is a yummy recipe where cabbage is cooked in milk. This is such an easy and healthy recipe and got to know about it from my mom. My mom often makes this payasam on special occasions over the regular payasam. You can make this with two consistency thick […]

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Coconut poli, Thengai poli, Sweet Bobbatlu, How to make thengai poli

Coconut poli/ bobbatlu is a sweet recipe with coconut stuffing prepared usually during festivals in India. I like the poli /bobbatlu when they are really soft so for this recipe i added few drops of oil  to soak the dough for extra softness and  flattened the poli /bobbatlu with fingers […]

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Poha ladoo recipe, Aval ladoo, Atukula laddu

Poha ladoo/ Aval ladoo/ Atukula laddu is made out of flattened rice which is popular both in South and North India. The most delicious and easy sweet recipe that I prepared with poha is this  ladoo and this was my Friday prashadam for god.  I have been preparing a lot […]